Mandatory notifications

Mandatory notifications help you meet your member obligations and ensure we can continue to protect the profession.

Mandatory Notifications are a series of declarations to help you meet your member obligations. These declarations may include licences, other memberships and regulatory obligations as applicable to you. They also cover continuing professional development (CPD) hours.

Mandatory Notifications are an integral part of the membership renewal process. They help us continue to protect the profession by ensuring our members comply with the rigour and high ethical standards which underpin the designations.

I am retired. Do I have to complete the Mandatory Notifications questionnaire?

Yes. Many retired members are engaged in a variety of activities; for example, paid and voluntary work and directorships. It is important we continue to capture the most up-to-date information to ensure you meet your member obligations and that we can continue to deliver relevant services and support to you.

Are there different Mandatory Notifications questions depending on where I live?

Yes. Some Mandatory Notifications questions are common across all members but there are also residence-specific questions.

I am exempt from completing CPD but there is a question about this in Mandatory Notifications. Do I need to respond?

Yes. All full members are asked to declare their continuing professional development (CPD) for various reasons:

  • you may have completed CPD during the year even if you have a full exemption
  • your exemption may only relate to part of the membership year
  • you may not have notified us that you require an exemption.

I have been using the My CA CPD Log but have been asked to input my hours again as part of renewal. Is that right?

Yes, that's correct. You will need to input your CPD hours as part of the membership renewal process for two reasons:

  1. Use of the My CA CPD Log is not compulsory. While Regulation CR7 requires members to maintain a log of continuing professional development (CPD), it doesn't have to be the My CA CPD Log.
  2. The Mandatory Notifications section of renewal is a legal declaration of CPD undertaken during the membership period, allowing us to ensure our members are meeting their obligations and that we can continue to protect the designations. The additional detail included in your CPD log will be important if you are selected for a CPD audit.

Why do I have to review and update my employment records?

As our By-Laws outline, it is your responsibility to ensure your employment information is current on our records as this enables us to continue to deliver relevant services and support for your personal and professional development.

Additionally, we are legally required to provide this information to the Professional Standards Council for members in practice in Australia.

I recently became a full member. When does my CPD triennium start?

If you became a full member between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019, you are exempt from completing CPD until 1 July 2019. Your first CPD triennium will run from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2022.

Have more questions?

We are here to help. Please contact our Member Support Team on or 1300 137 322 (Australia); 0800 469 422 (New Zealand) or +64 4 474 7840 (outside AU and NZ).

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