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CA Business Valuation Specialisation - Pathway 2

Follow these easy steps to apply through Pathway 2 - Online courses

1. Review requirements 

To receive recognition as a CA Business Valuation Specialist through Pathway 2, you must:

  • be a Chartered Accountant or an Affiliate with at least four years of practical Business Valuation experience within the last 10 years, where at least 20% of employment is related to business valuation and an additional 20% is related to the valuations field of work.
  • successfully complete the Kaplan online workshop within the last five years. 

2. Key dates

2021 Intake 1 

 CA ANZ pre-enrolment closes  Friday 19 March 2021
 Kaplan enrolments open  Monday 1 March 2021
 Kaplan enrolments close  Friday 2 April 2021
 Course Commences  Monday 19 April 2021
 Course Finishes  Monday 31 May 2021
 Assessment Options  
 Online assessment  Monday 31 May 2021
 Portfolio interview assessment

 Monday 31 May – Friday 11 June 2021 (by arrangement)

3. Register your interest & complete the pre-enrolment

Register now to download the CA ANZ pre-enrolment form to check your eligibility for the program. Submit the completed form to

Start your journey

Register your interest in the program and access the pre-enrolment form.


4. Enrol at Kaplan

Once your pre-enrolment form is approved, CA ANZ will email you a unique link to enrol into the Kaplan online course.

The fee for the Kaplan course is A$1,350 plus an additional A$450 if you choose assessment by portfolio interview.

5. Upon completion

When you have successfully completed the course and practical experience requirements, you can apply for formal recognition as a CA Business Valuation Specialist. 

Apply for Recognition

Complete and return the Application for Recognition form, attaching the required references and education documents.

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