Date posted: 06/08/2021

Business Valuation Specialisation Emerging Pathway – Postgraduate study

Follow these steps for Emerging Pathway - For members starting out in Business Valuation

In brief

  • Review requirements for the CA Business Valuation Specialisation through the Emerging Pathway – Post-graduate study
  • Enrol in the relevant course through Macquarie Business School or Kaplan
  • Once you successfully complete the course follow the link to the Recognition webpage to apply for recognition as a CA Business Valuation Specialist

1. Review requirements

To receive recognition as a Business Valuation Specialist through the Emerging Pathway, you must:

  • be a Chartered Accountant or an Affiliate with at least 2 years of practical Business Valuation experience within the last 5 years, where at least 20% of employment is related to business valuation and an additional 20% is related to the valuations field of work
  • successfully complete the mandatory subjects through the higher education institution of your choice: Macquarie Business School at Macquarie University or Kaplan.
  • apply for CA ANZ recognition within five years of completing the mandatory subjects
  • continue to undertake at least 40% of CPD requirements in business valuation as an approved CA Business Valuation Specialist.

Register your interest in becoming a Business Valuation Specialist for more information. 

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2. Enrol in your chosen course

The Business Valuation Specialisation through the Emerging Pathway offers a choice of courses at two higher education institutions: Macquarie Business School or Kaplan.  

You can apply for the specialisation accreditation after completing the mandatory subjects. You do not need to wait until receiving the qualification. These subjects must be completed within 5 years prior to applying for CA Business Valuation Specialist recognition.

Enrol at Macquarie Business School

Successfully complete four mandatory subjects as part of the Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance at Macquarie Business School

  • Financial System, Participants and Instruments
  • Financial Structure and Insights
  • Business Valuation
  • Private Capital

The estimated annual fee is A$18,000 or A$450 per credit point.

Please note: The prerequisite subjects have changed. These can be clarified in the table below:

 2020 Unit
 2021 Unit    Notes 
 Portfolio Management and Valuation 10cp   Financial System, Participants and Instruments 10cp   Incorporates relevant parts of PMV
 Corporate Finance  10cp  Financial Structure & Insights 10cp  Direct replacement
 Advance valuation for Corporate Finance  5cp  Business Valuation  10cp  Combines both
 Applied Business Valuation  5cp      
 Investment and Credit Analysis  5cp  Private Capital  10cp  incorporates ICA Concepts

Enrol with Kaplan

Successfully complete four mandatory subjects as part of the Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance through Kaplan including:

  • FIN101 (core) Financial Markets and Economic Principles
  • FIN102  (core) Regulation Ethics and Risk Management
  • FIN205 Business Valuation (elective)
  • FIN290 Business Valuation Application (elective)

CAs are eligible for a number of credits as part of this qualification. These include:

  • FIN103 Financial Analysis and Valuation (core)
  • FIN342Applied Corporate Finance (elective)
  • Two (2) general electives (2x elective)

These credits and associated course fees should be discussed further with Kaplan. 

3. Upon completion

When you have successfully completed the mandatory subjects and practical experience requirements, you can apply for formal recognition as a CA Business Valuation Specialist.

Fees are payable to CA ANZ on successful completion of the course to become a CA Business Valuation Specialist, these include: 

  • Specialisation application fee (one off)      $232 incl. GST 
  • Annual specialisation subscription fee       $280 incl. GST 

Apply for recognition

Have you successfully completed the mandatory subjects? Apply for recognition now.

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