Date posted: 30/06/2021

CPD requirements for all members from 1 July 2021

Your professional competencies are a valuable asset. To help you update and maintain your capabilities, our CPD requirements have undergone significant change.

In Brief

  • New Continuing Professional Development requirements for all CA ANZ members came into effect for all trienniums commencing from 1 July 2021
  • Early adoption is available to enable you to apply the revised requirements on a proportional basis to the remainder of your triennium
  • The description of the categories of CPD has changed from formal and informal hours to verifiable and non-verifiable hours for all members residing outside of New Zealand
  • Members are now able to claim on-the-job training as verifiable CPD

How many CPD hours do I need?

Your CPD hours will vary depending on your designation.

  • For a CA or affiliate, you are required to complete at least 120 hours of CPD each triennium. 90 hours of these must be verifiable CPD and a minimum of 20 CPD hours must be completed in each year.
  • For an ACA, you are required to complete 90 hours of CPD each triennium. 67 hours of these must be verifiable CPD and a minimum of 15 hours must be completed in each year.
  • For an AT, you are required to complete 60 hours of CPD each triennium. 45 hours of these must be verifiable CPD and a minimum of 10 hours must be completed in each year.
  • If you are not working full-time your hours may be pro-rated.

On-the-job training as verifiable CPD hours

The changes include the introduction of on-the-job training as verifiable CPD, which recognises that a significant amount of professional development happens in your role. This is training that a member receives while they are undertaking their professional role but not your business-as-usual activities. There must be genuine professional development and you must obtain new or enhanced knowledge or experience. The training must be documented on the prescribed form and authorised by the person you did the work for, usually your manager or supervisor. Verifiable on-the-job training may make up to half of your total verifiable CPD requirements. 

Mandatory ethics training

All members are required to undertake a minimum of 2 hours of verifiable ethics training per triennium. Any professional development that is relevant to your role and relates back to the fundamental principles of the Code of Ethics can be claimed as ethics training. The training can be delivered by any provider and it does not need to specifically mention the Code of Ethics, but it does need to relate to the fundamental principles as appropriate to your role. To ensure that it can be claimed as verifiable CPD, you must remember to keep verifiable evidence.

Transitional arrangements

If you are partway through your triennium at 1 July 2021, you can complete your existing triennium under the previous requirements.   If you wish to adopt the requirements under the revised regulation, you may do so but must apply all requirements of new regulation on a pro-rated basis from 1 July 2021 .  If you are unsure what your requirements are, please refer to the summary transitional requirements.

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