CPD requirements for members living in New Zealand

Everything you need to know about CPD requirements if you live in New Zealand

What qualifies as verifiable CPD?

Verifiable CPD is a learning activity that can be verified by a competent source. CPD activities can be invaluable resources, helping you build on the knowledge and skills needed to excel in today's dynamic and ever changing work environment. Verifiable CPD can usually be qualified as:

  • an organised activity
  • structured as interactive learning that includes teaching from specialists
  • has a definite planned approach with clear learning objectives
  • includes some form of assessment

There is a wide range of activities that CA ANZ recognises as verifiable CPD, offering members the flexibility to choose when and where your CPD hours are accumulated.

For a comprehensive list of these activities, you can check Regulation CR7 Schedule 1, in our members handbook. You will also find information here about restrictions on CPD hours that you claim for some of these activities.

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Browse the members handbook for a full list of activities under Regulation CR7 Continuing Professional Development.

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How many CPD hours do I need?

Your verifiable CPD hours will vary depending on your designation.

  • For a CA or Non Member Principal, of your 120 CPD hours each triennium, 60 hours must be verifiable CPD. A minimum of 20 CPD hours must be completed in each year. 
  • For an ACA, of your 90 CPD hours each triennium, 45 hours must be formal CPD. A minimum of 15 CPD hours must be completed each year.     
  • For an AT, of your 60 CPD hours, 30 hours must be formal CPD. A minimum of 10 CPD hours must be completed each year.
  • You will also need to complete at least 4 hours of CPD on ethics every 5 years as part of your CPD requirements.

What qualifies as non-verifiable CPD?

Your activities that fit this category of CPD are informal. For example, reading technical or professional articles, mentoring discussions and collegial discussion where learning is fostered.

CPD related to specialisations, licenses or accreditation's

If you hold one or more accreditation's or licenses, you need to complete specific CPD activities related to each of these.

It's important to remember that your CPD requirements need to be met, even if you do not use your accreditation or license.

Accredited insolvency practitioners must have at least 30 of their 60 verifiable CPD hours relating specifically to insolvency each triennium.

If you are a licensed auditor, your CPD activities need to be tailored to developing and maintaining your role as audit engagement partner. As a licensed auditor you also need to comply with International Education Standard 8, which is based on an outcome model.

Policy and Guidance

More information on requirements can be found in our Policy and Guidance for New Zealand Licenced Auditors

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Your CPD record

Keeping a record of your CPD hours can benefit you in several ways. It is a great way to track your progress, or if you need to show CPD activities to your current or prospective employer. You may also need to submit your records as part of a practice review, or to us, for monitoring purposes.

Manage My CPD

You can track your CPD hours in the CPD Log on My CA and get a quick overview of how you are progressing against your specific requirements. From 1 October 2020, your CPD purchases from the CA ANZ store will automatically appear in your log. Once you've completed the training, simply confirm the new professional development record and see how it adds CPD hours to your CPD wheel. You can also enter CPD records from other providers.

In your annual notifications, you will be asked to confirm the CPD hours completed in the year. By logging all your CPD records in your CPD Log on My CA it will be easier to know how many CPD hours you have undertaken at any point in time.

Keep your own record

If you prefer to keep your own record, you need to ensure it includes:

  • date/s of the activity
  • the provider
  • details of the learning activity undertaken
  • number of CPD hours
  • hours allocated to a specialisation, license or accreditation, if relevant
  • details of the relevance of the learning activity to your current or future professional development
  • evidence of undertaking the verifiable CPD is requested.

Monitoring your CPD

When you complete your yearly membership renewal, you'll need to confirm that you have fulfilled your CPD requirements.

We run a CPD Monitoring Programme and each year, a random selection of members are asked to provide a copy of their CPD records. Depending on the circumstances, we may request records for a year or a triennium.

These records are checked against the CPD obligations in Regulation CR7 in the members handbook.

We're here to help

Contact us if you are asked to submit your records and find you're struggling to meet the requirements or cannot provide your records.

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Managing non-compliance

If you are asked to submit your records and you have not met the requirements or cannot provide your records, contact us as soon as you can. We can work with you to bring you back to compliance.

You may be asked to:

  • provide a declaration that you have completed the hours but have not kept a record, or
  • make up an shortfall in the next year or triennium, or
  • provide a learning plan if the shortfall is significant.

It's important that you respond if you are asked to provide your records. If you don't, there are consequences for your membership under By-Law 21c.

Repeatedly failing to meet your requirements may result in referral to the Professional Conduct Committee.


Ensure you know the By-Laws associated with CPD

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