CPD exemptions

How to meet your CPD requirements when your working situation changes

In Brief

  • You may be eligible to reduce your CPD obligations if your working hours vary, or if you’re taking a break
  • Who can apply and how much of an exemption is granted varies from case to case
  • Written applications for exemptions are required to allow us to fully assess your situation

Nothing stays the same for long

Life can be unpredictable, and we know that for a variety of reasons, our members may be unable to meet all of their CPD hours.

Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for a reduction (exemption) in your CPD hours.

Whether you’re planning a career break, taking time off to start a family, or something less expected comes along, it’s worth getting in touch to understand your options.

If you are seeking an exemption because of your workload, or your employer doesn’t provide CPD activities, we aren’t likely to approve your application.

CPP Holders

Generally, CPP holders are not eligible for an exemption. This is because the responsibilities and level of expertise required of a CPP holder, keeping your skills and knowledge up to date is highly important.

As a CPP holder, you may apply and we will assess your individual circumstances but may not grant you a full exemption or for a full triennium.

Full or partial exemption

Members over 60 are granted a full exemption from completing CPD if you do not hold a Certificate of Public Practice or a specialisation or licence. If you are working, you will still need to stay up to date to maintain professional competence and CPD activities may be part of that.

If you are working, you still need to stay up to date to maintain your professional competence and CPD activities may be part of that.

Partial, pro-rated CPD exemptions can be granted to members due to:

  • extended leave from professional work, such as parental leave, career break or sabbatical
  • extended absence from work due to unemployment or illness
  • exceptional circumstances of hardship or difficulty in completing their required CPD
  • working on a part time or casual basis

Applying for an exemption

An application for exemption needs to be made in writing.

You need to provide us with as much relevant information as possible. This allows us to fully assess your application.

The information you need to include is:

  1. A brief explanation of why you are applying for an exemption.
  2. If your hours of work change, the hours you were working; what hours you will be working; and the date the change started and if relevant, will finish.
  3. All relevant dates, for instance if you are going on parental leave, the start date and finish date of your leave.

The factors that influence an exemption include:

  • the reason for your application
  • number of days or average hours you work each week
  • the length of time you will or have worked the hours
  • duration of any complete absence from the workplace
  • triennium dates, or
  • a combination of these.

For instance, if you are away for six months on parental leave during one triennium, you may be granted a pro-rated exemption of 15 hours. Your formal / verifiable CPD hours for that triennium will be reduced to 75 hours.

We will advise you of the outcome of your application as soon as it is processed.

CPD Exemption form

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CPD Exemption form

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