CA Success Profiles

Discover what makes a successful CA by assessing your skills gaps and find learning opportunities to progress along your chosen path

In brief

  • We collaborated with members to capture the essence of their success.
  • We've developed a practical self-assessment tool to help you plan your career. 
  • Whatever your field or career stage these tools will guide your development and open your eyes to career opportunities.

Steer your career to success

Our CA Success Profiles tool can help you discover the learning needs to succeed now and in the future.

The tool helps you self-assess against core capabilities, including:

  • Knowledge, both technical and practical
  • Experience, including education and work achievements
  • Behaviours and soft skills
  • Personal attributes

Progress your career

CA Success Profiles are based on three distinct career stages:

  • Early established career: A CA such as Accountant or Senior Accountant who isn’t directly responsible for any other staff.
  • Leader: A CA who is responsible for one person or more people in a team.
  • Senior Leader: A CA responsible for the governance of an organisation.

Learn from the best in the profession

Discover what it takes to be a successful CA. We’ve partnered with key leaders in the profession who share the secrets of their success. Learn about the challenges they’ve faced, the skills and experience they’ve built and their vision of the profession in the future.

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