CA Success Profiles

Discover what makes a successful Chartered Accountant, assess your competencies and find learning opportunities to progress along your career path

In brief

  • We collaborated with members to capture the essence of their success
  • We undertook research, validated by members, to identify key success criteria
  • To help you progress we’re creating a bespoke self-assessment tool

Which career phase are you in?

Identify which career phase relates to you, discover the secrets to success at each phase and plan your development, driving continuous improvement:

Team Player – a CA working as part of a team e.g. Accountant or Senior Accountant

Leader – a CA responsible for a team or function e.g. Manager or Senior Manager

Executive – a CA responsible for the governance of an organisation e.g. Partner, Senior Partner, CFO

Steer your career to success

CA Success Profiles will support you to leverage your strengths and empower you to become one of the future leaders and shapers of business and finance. Our tool will help you self-assess against four domains, critical to the success of a well-rounded Chartered Accountant:

  • People and leadership
  • Strategic mindset
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Future focused

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