Pathway to CA Membership from CPA Australia

Become a Chartered Accountant through recognition of your expertise, experience and good standing

In brief

  • Become part of a 117,000-strong network of business and finance leaders, and more than 1 million highly qualified accounting professionals around the world
  • Experienced members of CPA Australia may be eligible to become members of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (Chartered Accountants ANZ)
  • The Special Admission to membership application form must be submitted for assessment

Our priority remains on servicing our members and strengthening awareness and recognition for the value our members bring to business and their communities.

We are focused on contributing to build on our members’ reputation for ethics, quality and business success that has been built over 100 years.

Chartered Accountants ANZ offers a pathway for full members of CPA Australia who meet the eligibility requirements below, to be admitted to membership as a Chartered Accountant.

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What are the benefits of joining CA?

  • Become part of a 117,000-strong network of business and finance leaders, and more than 1 million highly qualified accounting professionals around the world.
  • Professional guidance and education from one of the world’s leading higher education providers in accounting.
  • Being part of an organisation that is a thought leader and an advocate for the industry.
  • Access to Chartered Accountants ANZ’s Professional Standards (Limitation of Liability) Scheme if you meet certain criteria.
  • The opportunity to be recognised as a specialist in SMSF.  
  • Advisory services which includes mentoring and technical support.
  • Subscription to Acuity (Chartered Accountants ANZ’s award-winning bi-monthly business magazine).

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Please send your completed application together with all of your supporting documentation to our Enrolment and Admissions team.

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The content on this website is provided for general information purposes and may not take into account detail that could be significant in your particular context. The website and its content is not a substitute for reading and understanding (as applicable) the Chartered Accountants ANZ’s Member Handbook, constitutional documents, legislation, regulations, professional guidelines or other applicable laws, or where necessary, obtaining specific advice regarding a specific issue.

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Pathways to becoming a CA

  • Step 1: Check your Eligibility

    You may be eligible for membership with Chartered Accountants ANZ if you:

    • have successfully completed the CPA Australia professional program;
    • hold a qualification recognised as comparable to an Australian or New Zealand Bachelor's degree;
    • have had at least seven years of experience post your admission to CPA Australia as a full member;
    • You have attained a senior position/s in your career;
    • attain a letter of good standing from your professional accounting body; and
    • attain two references supplied by Chartered Accountants ANZ members or full members of another GAA body, an FCCA member of the ACCA or an FCPA.
  • Step 2: Gather the documents you require

    You will need to attach all required supporting documentation.

    • A signed application form "Special Admission to Membership”.
    • A letter of good standing from CPA Australia issued within the last three months confirming your pathway to membership and the start date of your full membership.
    • Copies of your tertiary qualification certificate/s and transcript/s.
    • Your continuing professional development (CPD) log listing your training and development activities over the past three years.
    • A copy of your CV outlining positions held over the past 10 years.
    • Two written references from Chartered Accountants or Fellow Chartered Accountants.
  • Step 3: Submit your application

    Submit your completed application form together with all of the required supporting documentation.


  • What happens if I have less than seven years' experience?

    We are accepting experienced senior CPA members. If you have less than seven years’ experience but are a principal in your practice, you can apply to be a Chartered Accountants ANZ Affiliate member, and at the completion of 10 years’ experience this can then be converted to full CA membership.

    It is important to note that unless approved by the Board, the number of Affiliate members in the practice cannot exceed the number of Chartered Accountants ANZ members with a CPP.

  • What if I haven’t been a full member of CPA Australia for seven years – will you count my period of Associate membership?

    If you are a principal/director/partner in public practice with Chartered Accountants ANZ members then you can apply for Affiliate membership. In all other instances we will only take your years as a full member into consideration.

  • What does a practice entity membership (PEM) involve?

    Practice Entity Membership (PEM) is an optional class of membership available for Australian corporate entities. This includes incorporated business entities, trusts and partnerships. It can provide additional protection for your firm as once you have become a PEM, your business entity may be covered by the Chartered Accountants ANZ Professional Standards Scheme.

    The requirements for PEM are the same criteria applied to calling your business a Chartered firm. PEM membership may entitle you to use the words “Chartered Accountants” in your business title and our logo in branding and marketing material. To apply for PEM membership you need to complete an application form that details the structure of your practice, directors/principals names and the percentage of ownership in the firms/practice.

    This ensures that 50% or more of the principals/directors of your practice or firm are Chartered Accountants ANZCPP holders.

  • If I join Chartered Accountants ANZ will I be covered by your Professional Standards (Limitation of Liability) Scheme?
    • The Chartered Accountants ANZ Professional Standards (Limitation of Liability) Scheme covers full members who hold a CPP, Affiliate members and practice entity members other than holders of an Australian financial services licence (AFSL) and their authorised representative and employees, not being limited licensee, their authorised representative or employees.
    • This means that Chartered Accountants ANZ members who hold full AFSLs (including their representatives and employees) are completely excluded from the Scheme for all work, even work that does not require an AFSL, while holders only of “limited” AFSLs (including their representatives and employees) are not excluded in this way.

    Liability Capping Scheme

    Read more about our Liability Capping Scheme

    Read more
  • Who can provide references for CPAs applying through this pathway?

    Our preference is for two references from full Chartered Accountants ANZ members who are not related to the applicant. If you don’t have two Chartered Accountants ANZ members then we will accept full members of another GAA body, an FCCA member of the ACCA or an FCPA.

  • I have a CPA CPP - what do I need to do to get a Chartered Accountants ANZ CPP?

    You need to complete a CPP application form and have:

    • at least two years’ experience in public practice;
    • completed either our public practice program or the CPA equivalent;
    • a knowledge of Australian company tax and law (usually obtained in an undergraduate degree);
    • complying professional indemnity insurance (minimum of $2 million); and
    • met your continuing professional development requirements

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