2019 Member Vote

Results from the 2019 Member Vote are now available.

In brief

  • All five resolutions were passed by members
  • The Governor General of Australia approved the Supplemental Royal Charter and By-Laws on July 30, 2019
  • The NZICA Rules were filed with the NZ Companies Office on June 11, 2019 and tabled with NZ Parliament on June 13, 2019
  • Implementation activities have commenced and the new governance model, structures and processes are to be in place from 1 January 2020 or earlier

The Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) member vote was held from Monday 29 April 9am AEST until Monday 27 May 12 noon AEST on the proposed changes to update and streamline our governance structures and constitutional documents.

Member Vote Results

All five resolutions were passed by members.

Five resolutions were considered during this Member Vote. The majority of members were able to vote on four resolutions. Eligible voting members resident in New Zealand also considered a fifth resolution to strengthen the NZICA Rules.

See the table below for the details of the outcome of the 2019 Member Vote.

A total of 11,182 CA ANZ Members voted on the below resolutions, being 10.84% of the CA ANZ Membership eligible to vote.

Resolution Heading Resolution to Pass Result For Against Blank
1 Strengthen the Professional Conduct By-Laws Simple majority PASS % 88.32 11.36 0.32
# 9,876 1,270 36
2 Provide for the establishment of Overseas Regional Councils Two-thirds majority PASS % 78.70 20.94 0.37
# 8,800 2,341 41
3 Provide increased continuity in Board appointments by CA ANZ Council Simple majority PASS % 72.84 26.86 0.30
# 8,145 3,003 34
4 Increase flexibility and inclusion of representation Simple majority PASS % 85.01 14.66 0.33
# 9,506 1,639 37
5 Strengthen the NZICA Rules Simple majority PASS % 90.13 9.28 0.59
# 1,845 190 12


October 2013
Vote to merge the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants to form Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. As part of the vote, a commitment was made to review the governance arrangements two years after the vote had taken place.

December 2015
CA ANZ Board engages governance specialist cameron. ralph. khoury to conduct an independent governance review (the Review) in 2016.

April 2016
The Review captures members' thinking and identifies opportunities for further improvement. One-to-one interviews undertaken with key stakeholders including senior office-bearers, meetings with Regional Councils and other CA ANZ member groups and forums. Members invited to contribute through online questionnaires or email the independent reviewers directly.

June 2016
Report One from independent governance specialists delivered to Board capturing members thinking and identification of key themes to be addressed. cameron. ralph. khoury develops key themes and ideas for change. Members updated by email on the first phase of the Review.

August 2016
Report Two from the Review delivered capturing analysis, key themes and ideas for change.

December 2016
Final Report from the Review delivered. The third and final report of the Review makes recommendations to ensure governance at CA ANZ is fit for the future.

April 2017
The Member Governance Advisory Group (MGAG), Chaired by Stuart Black, a Past-President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, is appointed by the Board to ensure member input is incorporated into the implementation plan for the recommendations.

August 2017
New CEO of CA ANZ, Rick Ellis commences.

September 2017
The new CEO commences a strategic review of CA ANZ.

November 2017
The CA ANZ Council endorses recommendations made by the governance specialists and the Board approves the recommendations.

December 2017
The refreshed CA ANZ strategy is shared with members.

July 2018
An organisational transformation is implemented to align and support the new strategy for the future of the profession.

August 2018
An implementation plan for the proposed changes to the governance of CA ANZ begins to be devised.

October - November 2018
CA ANZ updates members on the Review at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Regional AGMs and through member newsletter Insight. Additional information is shared with members on the CA ANZ website under "Governance Review" including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Late June 2019
Member vote result announced. All five resolutions were passed by members.

30 July 2019
The Australian Governor-General approves changes to Supplemental Royal Charter and By-Laws.

1 January 2020
The new governance model, structures and processes are to be in place.

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