GAA Passport

One of GAA's key objectives is to help members meet the challenges of combining global and local knowledge.

To do this, GAA Institutes share specific local member support services, which means membership in any of the other GAA jurisdictions gives you access to services offered by CA ANZ. The access to these services is called the GAA Passport Program.

The Passport Program is free of charge and is designed to help members from other jurisdictions when they visit, or move, to Australia or New Zealand for work. The services offered vary across locations but generally include:

  • access to member magazines, such as CA ANZ's magazines and other online newsletters
  • access to educational and networking events, and continuing professional development courses including online webinars at member rates
  • limited access to online social networking (excluding My CA) and support groups
  • limited access to online subject gateways and country resources
  • eligible for CA ANZ member rewards and discounts (restrictions apply)
  • access to library resources and meeting facilities

How do I register for my GAA Passport?

The current process is through the CA ANZ Member Support Team. A person requesting GAA access needs to supply:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • name of their GAA body
  • home body member ID number
  • current residential and mailing addresses.

If online confirmation of current membership of a GAA body cannot be completed, a letter of good standing from the GAA member will be needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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