Emerging Leaders Program

Build your leadership skills to confidently lead others.

The Emerging Leaders Program is an immersive learning experience designed specifically for aspiring CAs looking to broaden their leadership and management skills.

The program is an opportunity for members transitioning into supervisory positions to refine their leadership capabilities, build confidence and make an impact on driving business performance.

What can I expect?

Participants engage in virtual interactive group sessions, delving into the foundations of leadership, the importance of a growth mindset and understanding business models.

Twelve sessions will be held fortnightly over five months, with a final session for participants to share what they’ve learnt through the program.

This program will help you:

  • Learn new skills and frameworks to become an effective leader and communicator
  • Develop a broader understanding of business functions and management
  • Enhance your ability to positively influence others
  • Understand your leadership style by creating a personal leadership plan

How can I apply?

The Emerging Leaders Program features 12 virtual interactive group sessions held every two weeks over a period of five months. Register your interest by emailing [email protected].

Emerging Leaders Program

Develop your leadership skills to confidently navigate the challenges of tomorrow.

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