CA Start-up Coach Programme

The CA Start-up Coach Programme pairs CAs with start-ups for a three-month period.

Why get involved?

  • Develop your leadership profile within the start-up space and the accounting profession.
  • Access unique business development potential and exposure to new markets.
  • Develop your strategic leadership and coaching skills through engagement with potential new partners.
  • Gain exposure and insights to emerging technologies, business models and ways of working that could benefit your business.
  • Access to senior level networking opportunities through start-up hub events.

How it works

Successful CAs will be paired with a start-up for a three month coaching programme.

Starting with an induction to the start-up community, successful CAs will be able to engage with their mentees to provide suggestions and share knowledge*.

Who can get involved?

Open to all CAs with five or more years’ experience and are (or aim to be) entrepreneurial, innovative, and open to sharing learnings from their experience.

What are the requirements?

  • Five + years' experience as a CA, preferably in public practice.
  • Commit to a minimum of two days per month spent embedded with a start-up team, providing business strategy and coaching within the start-up environment.
  • Provide experiences, stories and thought pieces that can be shared with the wider CA ANZ innovation community.


Currently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland.


First intake in November 2018, 6-10 members per intake, rotated every three months.

Register your interest

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* Participants should adopt a 'suggestion based approach' and not advocate any particular strategy. Participants must not provide accounting or financial services or advice unless they are appropriately licenced and have otherwise complied with their professional obligations. Terms and conditions apply – read them here.

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