CA in Residence Programme

The CA in Residence Programme embeds CAs within a start-up hub to gain first-hand experience of what it’s like to live and breathe business innovation.

Why get involved?

  • Gain access to a full programme of immersion, training and guided collaboration with our partner start-up hubs.
  • Develop your business via access to new markets, technologies and investment opportunities.
  • Hone your personal skills through exposure to new ways of working and innovation.
  • Potential to host a masterclass on your area of choice for the start-up community.
  • Gain access to high value networking and knowledge sharing.

How it works

Selected members* will gain access to a dedicated workspace within a start-up hub and will spend one day per fortnight engaging in start-up community consultation**.

Prior to beginning, members will undergo a short preparation session to understand the startup ecosystem and the role you will play during the programme.

Who can get involved?

This programme is specifically suited for CAs in public practice, but is open to all CAs with two or more years’ experience who demonstrate a spirit of curiosity, entrepreneurialism, innovation and an openness to share learnings.

What are the requirements?

  • Two + years as a CA.
  • Commit to one day per fortnight for start-up hub community consultation.
  • Content creation: participants will be asked to provide experiences, stories and thought pieces that will be shared with the wider CA ANZ innovation community.


Currently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Christchurch and Tasmania.


CAs are enrolled every two months - please register your interest below.

Register your interest

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* Selection is made by CA ANZ through it's selection process as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

**Participants should adopt a 'suggestion based approach' and not advocate any particular strategy. Participants must not provide accounting or financial services or advice unless they are appropriately licenced and have otherwise complied with their professional obligations. Terms and conditions apply – read them here.

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