CA Business Advisory Accelerator Program

Build a sustainable and impactful Business Advisory service that will create real value for your clients.

In brief

  • Designed for public practice leaders and managers who are committed to drive value through Business Advisory
  • Learn and develop advisory skills while working through real client challenges
  • Build a practical and personalised business roadmap to help you succeed in business advisory

About the CA Business Advisory Accelerator Program

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand has partnered with The Outperformer to provide leaders in public practice the opportunity to take part in a highly practical, 8-week virtual program focused on giving participants a systemised process, and skillset needed to drive business advisory and improvement services to clients.

Neil Parker FCA"I suspect what clients are really craving is something that makes a difference in their business, and I think advisory is the answer to that."
Neil Parker FCA, Director at BridgePoint Group


With only 20 firms being selected for this intake, ensure you apply early for your best chance of being selected for admission.

The Outperformer is a multi-award winning management consultancy learning and development practice, specialising in transforming the performance and effectiveness of professionals and teams.

Why get involved?

The program is designed to have you exploring and applying the critical principles in building a high value Business Advisory offering; allowing you to craft your services through real-time, discussion-based sessions with expert facilitators from The Outperformer.

Using human-centred learning design principles, this program is not a series of lectures, not 'listen only' seminars, and not one-dimensional webinars. It is a stimulating, inclusive and at times challenging environment, to make sense of important Business Advisory skills, frameworks and concepts and directly link them to your role, your practice and clients.

Throughout the program, participants will be working on building frameworks and a business plan tailored to their business.

Mitchell Turnbull CA"It's given us the confidence to go and start speaking to some of our clients about offering them advisory services. We've identified a handful, we've gone and talked to them. We've won a few diagnostics already with a couple more in the works."
Mitchell Turnbull CA, Director at Bridgepoint Group, quoted mid-way through the program

Who is the program best suited for?

The program is best suited for leaders in small, medium and large public practices who:

  • Employ staff within their practice
  • Are currently providing business advisory services or starting your journey with small business clients
  • Are committed to implement the business plan and learnings of the program

Key Dates and information

Applications for the next intake of the program will close on 20 January 2022, and will run from the 27 January- Early March 2022. The online program includes 4 workshops, moderated peer-to-peer discussions weekly and one to one Business roadmap reviews.

The program cost is NZD/AUD $4,500 excl. GST per firm.

James Carey CA"It’s given us a framework which we’ll use to bolster and formalise the ad hoc advisory we’ve been doing in the business. It gives us a strong base to build a strong advisory arm."
James Carey CA, Prime Partners

Program modules:

Group onboarding session – 1 hr:

This session ensures participants are aware of the required commitments and minimum standards of engagement in the program.

Course Dates

  • January 2022 Intake
    Onboarding:  27 Jan 2022, 11am - 12pm AEDT 
    Workshop 1: 3 Feb 2022, 10am–1.30pm AEDT 
    Workshop 2:  4 Feb 2022, 10am–1.30pm AEDT 
    Workshop 3:  3 March 2022, 10am–1.30pm AEDT 
    Workshop 4:  11 March 2022, 10am–1.30pm AEDT 

    Participants will attend regular weekly Q&A sessions every Tuesday from 8 Feb - 29 March, 10am - 11am.

    The one hour online sessions are for practical questions to be answered and explored with participants.

    Roadmap review*: is to take place between 31 March - 8 April

    *2 hour reviews will be set up between facilitators and firms.

Module synopsis

  • Session 1 - Focus: Foundations of Business Advisory

    What is and what is not business advisory, including the standards of advisory, expectations of advisory, consultative models, and sales and marketing.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Differentiation of advisory and being clear on what the client is purchasing in this type of service
    • Establish the standards to be an adviser
    • Establish what it means to work with your advisory firm, and standards held by your clients
  • Session 2 - The Diagnosis Phase
    • Conducting an appropriate needs analysis
    • Formulation of consultative solution
    • Ongoing review of consultative service provision
    • Sales of the diagnostic

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Know what a diagnostic is, and how it looks and feels, what it is not
    • How to sell a diagnostic and position a value creating consulting relationship, where appropriate
    • Embracing not knowing what the diagnostic will be until the client has presented needs, and developing the 'analytical process' for the issues at hand
  • Session 3 - The Ongoing Management and Refinement of Consulting Relationship

    A closer look at the transition from diagnostic to the provision of ongoing 'council'

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Applications of the consulting framework
    • Design of performance areas, performance architecture, task attribution and review
    • Exploration of required agility in the consultative journey
  • Session 4 - Ingredients that Enable Your Consulting Offering

    As the title of this session indicates, we look at aspects that empower the consultant and their business

    • Decision Making Tools for Client
    • Foundations in Operational and Business Excellence
    • Marketing & Lead Acquisition

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Exploration of financial modelling as a tool for client decision making
    • Considerations for marketing and lead acquisition as a driver for sustainable practice outcomes
    • Identification of risks and opportunities of self and practice needs

End Deliverable: Roadmap Presentation

Participants will apply their learning from the program and effectively conduct a diagnostic on their own practice, culminating in the presentation of a roadmap for the development of their offering in market. This will also include specific reflections on learnings via active diagnostics and clients acquired as a critical part of the program journey.

For information download the CA Business Advisory Accelerator program brochure below, or contact CA Catalyst on 02 9290 5650, [email protected].

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