The MX Lab

To explore what if, why not and where next?

Introducing the MX (member experience) Lab

A new virtual and physical space where we co-design, test and iterate solutions with our members to ensure they are at the forefront when we design key services, products and experiences.

Guided by members’ experiences, the MX Lab is where we come together with our members to bring their diverse perspectives and insights to life, and to better understand current pain points and opportunities. 

Whether they're in corporate or practice, just entering the field or an Executive, the virtual and physical MX Lab opens the door for all members to co-create with CA ANZ, regardless of their career stage, sector or location.


Why are we doing it? 

Grounded in our strategic pillar to build a world class member experience, we’re committed to delivering real value and solutions that suit the needs of all members.

The MX Lab will help us support a more relevant, engaging, and personalised experience at every stage of a member’s career. 

The MX Lab is a way to solve problems, using the collective intelligence of our members by giving them greater input at the design stage.



MX lab

How does it work?

Through workshops, panels, surveys and focus groups, we’ll work alongside our members to form a clearer vision of the bigger picture, understand current challenges and develop the solutions to tackle them. 


Get involved 

We have both a physical space located at the CA ANZ Sydney office and a virtual experience too. 

From Melbourne to Wellington, Canberra to Christchurch, we will take members’ insights and valuable innovations from the MX Lab’s virtual workbench to the heart of the individual member experience.

Shape and co-create the future with us.

MX lab


MX lab

MX lab

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