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Our members are known for their high ethical standards and technical expertise

In brief

  • All members must earn one of our three designations, which means they have already completed a significant amount of study and practical work experience by the time they are qualified.
  • Our members keep up to date with changes affecting the business and finance industry through ongoing professional development.
  • They’re also required to maintain high ethical and professional standards whether they work in business or practice.

Choose experience and expertise

Our members work across all areas of business and finance in a range of technical accounting and business roles.

Choosing one of our members gives you the security of knowing they meet recognised technical and ethical standards.

All members are recognised as qualified Chartered Accountants, Associated Chartered Accountants or Accounting Technicians. That means they have undertaken a significant amount of study and practice experience to gain their membership status.

Each designation offers particular knowledge, skills and experience to meet the needs of the world of business and finance.

All members maintain a high level of skill, knowledge and competence in their area as a result of their ongoing training and learning requirements.

Our designations

  • Chartered Accountants

    Chartered Accountants develop broader skills in communication, ethics and business areas as well as technical based competencies.

    The CA designation is internationally recognised and indicates a high standard of ethical, professional and technical expertise.

    They are required to maintain their knowledge and expertise through ongoing professional education.

  • Associate Chartered Accountants

    ACAs work across all sectors including the corporate sector, public practice and public sector and senior roles in business.

    ACAs are committed to ongoing professional development and training and they must act professionally and ethically in accordance with our rules.

    Associate Chartered Accountants (ACAs) are versatile professionals. They’ve entered the profession based on a degree qualification in accounting and business study combined with work experience and a professional competence programme.

  • Accounting Technicians

    Accounting Technicians are trained to oversee and manage financial accounts to ethical and professional standards and be confident, valuable contributors to business.

    They provide the security of knowing you can trust their accounting processes and knowledge are accurate, up-to-date and best practice.

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