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  1. Revolutionising reporting: Why care?

    Trust is the heart of effective financial markets. Trust used to be a given. In an increasingly complex and connected business world, investors are demanding more evidence that they can trust those...

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  2. acuity

    Auditors and accountants are the new custodians of data

    Adopt, adapt and protect – auditors and accountants have an important role to play to safeguard data and organisations...

  3. Changing the audit cycle will likely increase costs for SMSFs

    CA ANZ has made a joint submission to fight the proposal for a three-year audit cycle...

  4. Auditor reporting

    The new auditor’s report The auditor’s report – the auditor’s principal way of communicating with users of the audited financial statements – is dramatically changing due to revisions to international...

  5. Auditor regulation

    Australia: Corporations Act audits Only RCAs can perform Corporations Act audits. To become an RCA, you need to show the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) that you meet the...

  6. acuity

    Inside the mind of a hacker

    Ethical hacker Daniel Weis is one of the good guys, but he knows how the bad guys think and advises companies on how to avoid security breaches...

  7. acuity

    Auditors and accountants meeting challenges

    Insights on major challenges for accountants and auditors in the rapidly changing professions...

  8. Treasury Consultation – ASIC Industry Funding Model

    Chartered Accountants ANZ supports the draft regulations to reduce ASIC’s fee to resign as the auditor of a public company to $40...

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  9. acuity

    Michael Coleman FCA on the value of audit

    Why financial statement audits remain valuable for businesses and investors...

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