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  1. Developing a plan for New Zealand's economic prosperity

    In a rapidly changing world, agile policy making and a flexible economy are critical ingredients to the success. New Zealand has some measure of each - but we can do better...

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  2. Developing a plan for Australia's economic prosperity

    There is a major structural shift taking place in the global economy. In the context of business modelling, this structural shift is the economic equivalent of a start-up enterprise...

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  3. An economic policy platform for the next term of government

    This paper brings together our key perspectives on what the federal government of Australia should be focused on in the next term of parliament in order to advance the nation’s economic...

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  4. acuity

    3½ reasons why inflation is stubbornly low

    Are central bankers really to blame for unusually low inflation? Growth could stay sluggish, despite their monetary policies...

  5. acuity

    Is there any scope for multifactor productivity growth?

    Productivity has stagnated in Australia and New Zealand, but does that mean we have reached the limit of working smarter?...

  6. acuity

    Economics through the looking glass (aka Modern Monetary Theory)

    Voodoo economics? The gospel according to bleeding hearts? Modern Monetary Theory has been called many things...

  7. Submission on Australia and Singapore Digital Economy Agreement

    CA ANZ’s submissions to the DFAT and the JSCOT...

  8. Submissions on the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into frontier firms

    The Productivity Commission called for submissions on the New Zealand firms: reaching for the frontier Issues Paper and Draft Report, as part of its inquiry looking at New Zealand’s most...

  9. Payment Time Reporting Framework

    Chartered Accountants ANZ’s submission to provide feedback to the Department of Jobs and Small Business on the Payment Times Reporting Framework Discussion Paper...

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  10. acuity

    In economics, don’t sweat the small stuff

    Economists’ forecasts are known for inaccurate figures, so stop worrying about the percentage points and see the big picture...

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