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  1. Small business tax avoiders costing Australians billions

    The ATO Small Business Tax Gap report released today highlights a $11.1 billion tax gap, almost two-thirds of this credited to black economy behaviour such as not declaring income, workers paid cash ‘...

  2. Tax transparency – are we there yet?

    Ben Seumahu CA, Director, Department of Professional Practice at KPMG...

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  3. Tax transparency Code Review

    Submission discusses proposed changes to the tax transparency code after its first implementation review...

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  4. Submission to request exercise of ATO Division 7A discretion under section 109Q

    The Joint bodies request the Commissioner exercise his Division 7A discretion under section 109Q and defer non essential information requests...

  5. acuity

    Technology builds transparency

    The ATO will soon require Australian multi-national corporations to supply fact-based evidence to justify their tax positions...

  6. acuity

    Chartered Accountants and the Panama Papers

    Should Chartered Accountants enter the debate about the offshoring activities highlighted in the Panama papers?...

  7. acuity

    Chevron: A game-changer for multinational tax avoiders

    Why the Australian Tax Office’s win in its recent tax avoidance case against Chevron will open the floodgates for similar proceedings against other multinationals...

  8. acuity

    Inside the Chevron versus ATO case

    An inside look at the recent ATO versus Chevron court case, as told by legal representatives involved in the case...

  9. acuity

    Australia and New Zealand target anti-money laundering

    A look at new moves by the Australian and New Zealand governments to address anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing...

  10. acuity

    Cracking down on money laundering

    The Australian and New Zealand governments are facing a potential backlash from industry groups as they move to introduce sweeping new anti-money laundering (AML) laws...