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  1. Six things CAs should know about apps

    What members in practice need to know before investing in an app for their business...


  2. Digitisation and the human touch

    How businesses can retain their human element in the rush for digitisation and automation...


  3. Using virtual reality for staff training

    Tech expert Ritchie Djamhur explains how businesses can leverage virtual reality to inexpensively introduce complex new concepts to employees...


  4. Robo-advisers disrupt wealth market

    How will the rise of robo-advisers impact the real thing - actual people - practising in the wealth management sector?...


  5. Augmented reality the new black

    Why augmented reality may soon revolutionise location-specific learning, corporate onboarding and induction programmes...


  6. Guarding against cyber attacks

    The recent WannaCry ransomware attack is a reminder of the need for businesses to remain vigilant when it comes to cyber security...


  7. Technology builds transparency

    The ATO will soon require Australian multi-national corporations to supply fact-based evidence to justify their tax positions...


  8. How to deal with an unknown giant

    The greatest threat to a small business is always the unknown...


  9. Learning in the 21st Century

    Advances in technology are revolutionising staff learning and development. Are you keeping up?...


  10. How banks can keep customer trust in the age of AI

    There are more questions than answers in the robo-world thats coming our way, but with care banks can turn these into positives and still protect data...


  11. Tax detox with Inland Revenue's Naomi Ferguson

    The woman leading New Zealand's Inland Revenue, Naomi Ferguson, outlines why modernisation was needed and how it will make life easier for taxpayers...


  12. Robot taxes and universal basic income

    Bill Gatess proposal for arobot taxhighlights technological risks to jobsand also to the income tax base...


  13. Xero founder Rod Drury on AI and the future of accounting

    Xero founder Rod Drury on why the future of the accounting profession will be driven by artificial intelligence...


  14. Driverless cars and the future of automobiles

    The future of automobiles is bearing down on us and nobody is at the wheel...


  15. How to innovate in a fast-changing marketplace

    Digital disruption of the publishing industry in the 1990s taught Walter Isaacson about the challenges of innovating in a fast-changing marketplace...


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