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  1. IESBA Role and Mindset Project - Impact on NZICA Code of Ethics

    The International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) proposes changes to the International Code of Ethics. These changes will subsequently impact the NZICA Code of Ethics...

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  2. Revised NZ Code of Ethics

    The New Zealand Regulatory Board has revised the NZ Code of Ethics to align it with the new International Code of Ethics...

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  3. Submission on Currency (Restrictions on the use of cash) Bill 2019

    CAANZ supports the $10,000 cash payment for all transactions and calls for an immediate extension to cryptocurrency and a lower threshold in the future...

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  4. acuity

    Trust begins with telling the truth

    With trust in politicians and institutions plummeting, how can finance professionals retain the public’s confidence? EY Fellow for Trust & Ethics Clare Payne says the first step is ditching weasel...

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    How Colleen Chapman CA left number crunching for business partnering

    QBE’s Colleen Chapman CA says clear communication is key for accountants to succeed at business partnering. So is trust...

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    4 things you didn’t know about algorithmic bias

    Artificial intelligence can sort and analyse data at high speed, but here’s why it’s important to ask: ‘Is my AI racist?’...

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    Ethics are at the heart of good leadership

    2019 CA ANZ President Stephen Walker FCA says ethical leadership will guide CAs through rapidly changing times...

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    Leadership skills for a post-COVID world

    How can leaders dealing with the COVID crisis lay the foundations for success in a post-COVID world?...

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    The trinity of our profession

    The trinity of ethics, expertise and integrity are characteristics that set chartered accountants apart...

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    How CAs can avoid conflicts of interest in joint ventures with clients

    Entering a joint venture with a client isn’t against CA’s ANZ Code of Ethics, but conflicts of interest can arise...