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  1. Help on audit quality is at hand for the profession

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, CPAA and the APPC issue guides to improve audit quality across the profession...

  2. Request to Treasury to amend ASIC fee for auditor resignation consent

    Chartered Accountants ANZ’s request to waive application fees for consent to resign as auditor of a public company, including companies limited by guarantee...

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  3. acuity

    How companies put climate change financial risks on the books

    Local standard setters have backed the G20’s push to include climate-related risks to earnings in financial statements...

  4. Why courage is the backbone of audit

    A key measure contributing to audit quality and stakeholder confidence that is often forgotten is courage...

  5. Audit: What's Going on in the UK and What Does it Mean Here?

    Amir Ghandar, Assurance & Reporting Leader responds to two major reports on audit reform that have been released in the UK this week...

  6. This is a golden age of audit

    A new premium on integrity and trusted information, coupled with the advent of new technologies solving complex challenges, signals a golden age of audit is at our doorstep...

  7. Modular thinking - the future of audit?

    A modular approach might offer an opportunity to bridge the audit expectation gap...

  8. acuity

    Laws passed to fight modern slavery

    NSW companies with yearly turnover of not less than $50 million now need to publish a yearly modern slavery statement or face fines. CA ANZ will help accountants prepare for new reporting rules...

  9. acuity

    Why accountants need insurance

    As data-matching grows more powerful every year, the right insurance can safeguard professionals against the increased risk of audits and stronger government scrutiny of clients...

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