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  1. Forensic Accounting Specialisation Pathway 1 – Post-graduate study

    Follow these steps to become a Forensic Accounting Specialist through Post Graduate Study...

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  2. Forensic Accounting Specialisation Pathway 2 – Online Course

    Steps to becoming a Forensic Accounting specialist for members with extensive experience in Forensic Accounting...

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  3. Forensic Accounting Specialisation Recognition

    Have you successfully completed the course? Follow these steps to apply for recognition as a CA Forensic Accounting Specialist...

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  4. acuity

    “We were bundled into black 4WDs and out of the country in hours”

    Forensic accounting specialist Matthew Ashby CA details some not-quite-right business dealings on The Acuity Podcast...

  5. Submission on Making insurance claims handling a financial service - Exposure Draft

    CA ANZ has proposed that its members in public practice should be specifically exempt from these proposed law reforms in the same manner that lawyers have been...

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  6. acuity

    How to repel a COVID-19 spike in cyber threats

    With more people working at home, businesses risk greater exposure to fraud and cybercrime...

  7. acuity

    Opportunities abound for CA ANZ accredited forensic accounting specialists

    Even with more than a decade of experience working in forensic accounting, McGrathNicol partner Matthew Ashby CA saw the benefits in studying to become a CA ANZ accredited forensic accounting...

  8. View from the Chair: Update from Matthew Ashby

    In 2021, forensic accountants can expect to see sharpened regulatory focus on anti-money laundering and foreign interference, as well as the implementation of new technologies...

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