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  1. PCG 2019/D4 - Expansion of estimates regime to GST, LCT and WET

    CAANZ calls for SES review of GST estimates made by the ATO...

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  2. acuity

    New Zealand tax reform in 2019

    Taxation reform is part of New Zealand’s Business Transformation program, so what’s changing in the tax landscape in 2019?...

  3. Submission on PUB00352 Changing GST treatment after reducing the previously agreed consideration

    CA ANZ disagrees with the position taken in the draft. In our view, a credit note may be issued where there has been a change in GST treatment (for example, GST is incorrectly charged on a zero rated...

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  4. Submission on Supplies by NZ hunting outfitters and taxidermists to overseas hunters

    CA ANZ recently provided feedback on this item which considers the GST treatment of supplies made to overseas hunters. This draft Interpretation Statement considered the GST treatment of supplies made...

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  5. Submission on ATO estimating GST

    PCG2019/D4 – estimating GST – CAANZ expresses caution...

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  6. Joint submission – ATO draft guidance on car parking fringe benefits

    Joint submission on ATO guidance on car parking fringe benefits calls for legislation change...

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  7. GST treatment of human remains for repatriation

    CA ANZ’s submission to Inland Revenue on PUB00324 GST Treatment of Human Remains for Repatriation...

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  8. Income Tax and GST - Tax implications of providing short-stay accommodation

    CA ANZ provided feedback to Inland Revenue on their eight items relating to short-stay accommodation. Inland Revenue have signalled that further work will be undertaken on this issue, we recommend...

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  9. Taxation (Annual Rates for 2019–20, GST Offshore Supplier Registration, and Remedial Matters) Bill

    CA ANZ supports the overall framework and direction of the proposals to impose GST on goods ordered over the internet. The Legislation as drafted builds on initial proposals included in the Government...

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  10. acuity

    Measuring Australia's GST gap

    Tax gap estimates track the performance and integrity of the tax system – but how accurate is it?...

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