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  1. Submission on subordinate legislation associated with the insolvency reforms

    CA ANZ provides feedback on Insolvency reforms to support small business...

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  2. Submission on review of the bankruptcy threshold

    CA ANZ provides feedback to the Attorney General’s office on the review of the default statutory bankruptcy threshold prescribed under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Bankruptcy Act)...

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  3. Access to justice

    The Victorian Law Reform Commission is considering issues in relation to litigation funding and group proceedings...

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  4. Insolvency reform in Australia

    Chartered Accountants ANZ is liaising closely with key stakeholders following the introduction in Parliament of the Corporations Amendment (Corporate Insolvency Reforms) Bill 2020 by Treasurer Josh...

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  5. acuity

    The dark side of intangible investment

    A provocative new book suggests surging investment in intangibles could cause economic stagnation and rising inequality...

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    Working in the insolvency sector

    We regularly hear about companies experiencing financial distress, but how do they arrive at this point?...

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    Meet the accountants blazing a trail in incredible global cities

    Aussie and Kiwi Chartered Accountants work in more than 130 countries worldwide. Here are five of the incredible destinations where you’ll find them...

  8. Submission on the COVID-19 Response (Further Management Measures) Legislation Bill

    Our submission to the Epidemic Response Committee, particularly with respect to the debt hibernation regime and amendments to the insolvency regime...

  9. Submission on PUB00366 regarding liquidation

    CA ANZ recently provided feedback to Inland Revenue on their draft Questions We’ve Been Asked’ (QWBA) – first steps legally necessary to achieve liquidation when a liquidator is appointed PUB00366...

  10. Guidance for New Zealand companies in financial distress

    NZ Members in public practice helping companies in financial distress...

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