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  1. LIBOR reform: changing the finance industry's most important number

    Manuel Kapsis, CA, Director, PwC John Dovaston, FCA, Partner, PwC Alfredo Martinez, Partner, PwC...

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  2. Treasury Lodgement thresholds joint submission

    CA ANZ’s and CPA Australia’s joint submission on proposals to double the thresholds that define a large proprietary company under section 45A of the Corporations Act 2001...

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  3. Adoption of IPSAS by NFP public sector entities in Australia

    CA ANZ recommends a formal consultation is carried out to better inform the broader debate around the suitability of IPSAS...

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  4. AASB Conceptual framework consultation Phase 2 ( ITC 39)

    CA ANZ’s submission on Phase 2 of the AASB’s proposals to implement the IASB conceptual framework and amend the use of special purpose reporting...

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  5. CA ANZ publishes Essential Guides

    Your essential guide to reporting and assurance developments for December 2018 period ends...

  6. Business impacts of the 'big 3'

    As another end of financial year rolls around, it’s time to get serious about the new accounting standards...

  7. acuity

    Audit quality is good, but can we do better?

    Audit quality in Australia and NZ isn’t bad, but the profession still has to work harder to address regulators’ concerns...

  8. Submission on Targeted Review of the New Zealand Accounting Standards Framework

    Is it functioning as anticipated and achieving its original objectives?...

  9. Joint Submission on ED293 - Disclosure in Special Purpose Financial Statements of Compliance with Recognition and Measurement Requirements

    CA ANZ / CPA Australia submission recommends the AASB does not proceed with these proposals ahead of completed framework reform...

  10. Reporting and Assurance essential guides

    Your essential guides to reporting and assurance developments for December 2019 year-ends...