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  1. acuity

    Economic independence rebuilds culture

    Finance manager Angela Huston CA talks about empowering Indigenous Australians to achieve economic self-sufficiency...

  2. Natural disaster resources

    A range of resources and useful links to help you through natural disasters...

  3. Flood response

    Resources you need to respond to the flood crisis, and to assist your businesses, teams and communities rebuild and recover...

  4. acuity

    Are your clients eligible for the COVID-19 Micro-Business Grant?

    Your micro-business clients in NSW may be able to apply for up to $1500 a fortnight to assist in covering business costs...

  5. acuity

    Future-proof client relationships by walking in their shoes

    CAs gain lasting insights into customers’ stresses with this original hands-on workshop. Brought to you by IMPACT Corporate Training...

  6. acuity

    Practice Ignition: an automation success story

    SRJ Walker Wayland’s Jason Croston explains how implementing Practice Ignition paid off. Brought to you by Practice Ignition...

  7. acuity

    Client monies - Proceed with caution

    Money makes the world go round, but it can land chartered accountants in hot water when the cash belongs to clients...

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