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  1. acuity

    How to future-proof your firm

    Accountants must become future focused to adapt to the transformative nature of technology in the 21st century...

  2. acuity

    Would you take Warren Buffett's wager?

    In 2005 legendary investor Warren Buffett made a ten-year wager with investment professionals. Would you have taken it?...

  3. acuity

    The taxing consequences of COVID-19 in New Zealand

    COVID-19’s economic fallout is choking businesses’ cash flow. Here are some tax issues CAs can advise their clients on...

  4. CA ANZ new Professional Standards Scheme commences 8 October 2019

    CA ANZ’s application for a new Professional Standards Scheme has been gazetted in NSW and from the 8 October 2019 all our Australian members in public practice can be participants in the Scheme...

  5. Professional Standards Scheme Application progresses to Gazette phase

    The Professional Standards Council has recently approved CA ANZ’s application for a new Professional Standards Scheme which now includes all our Australian Public Practice Members. Here’s all that you...

  6. acuity

    Why it’s time to think about your business’s post-COVID-19 recovery

    Past economic crises have taught us that those with a plan for business after the pandemic will be better placed for recovery...

  7. acuity

    Client monies - Proceed with caution

    Money makes the world go round, but it can land chartered accountants in hot water when the cash belongs to clients...

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