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  1. Trans-human resources the future of work

    Wikipedia in your head, language packs downloaded to your brain, x-ray vision ... welcome to the technologically enhanced future of work...


  2. Google CEO Sundar Pichai on the economy and democracy

    Google chief executive Sundar Pichai on the economy, democracy and why he wants us to talk to our cars...


  3. Thinking computers

    Educating your staff about the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence (AI) can help alleviate a fear of robotjob stealersand increase engagement and productivity...


  4. Accounting's quantum leap into technology

    As technology evolves accounting firms need to invest in systems capable of growing organically with a business...


  5. Leveraging artificial intelligence in accounting

    A look at the current and potential applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the accounting industry...


  6. Driverless cars and the future of automobiles

    The future of automobiles is bearing down on us and nobody is at the wheel...


  7. How is BGL the accountants software?

    Ron Lesh FCA is both an accountant and computer science graduate, and his BGL software has ridden tech advances since 1983...


  8. How to innovate in a fast-changing marketplace

    Digital disruption of the publishing industry in the 1990s taught Walter Isaacson about the challenges of innovating in a fast-changing marketplace...


  9. 4 things you didnt know about algorithmic bias

    Artificial intelligence can sort and analyse data at high speed, but heres why its important to ask: ‘Is my AI racist?’...


  10. Excel tips for COVID-era accounting

    Financial modelling pro Lance Rubin has some corporate-level Excel hacks he uses with his clients...


  11. Consumers dont trust driverless cars

    Autonomous vehicles are becoming viable, but the public isnt buying it, says Deloittes Global Automotive Consumer Study...


  12. Im in Sydney and youre in Texas? Not a problem

    Accodex unites freelance accountants with other professionals from across the globe to deliver projects...


  13. AI customer-isation

    Frank van der Velden CA, chief executive of Touchpoint Group, explains how artificial intelligence (AI) will change the way you do business online...


  14. China leads the charge on AI while Australia lags

    The window for businesses to gain a competitive advantage using artificial intelligence (AI) is closing, warns Deloitte...


  15. How cheap prediction can change accounting

    Artificial intelligence may be best understood ascheap prediction”. And prediction is a useful input to decisionsbut people will still be needed to make the decisions...