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  1. 36 CAs receive Fellowships on CA ANZ President's Asian and UK visit

    CA ANZ President Jane Stanton visited Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom to recognise Chartered Accountants who are leading the way...

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    Prizewinning feedback this month comes from who will receive a copy of...

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    True warrior

    Australian Ninja Warrior competitor Christopher Chan CA is on a mission to help children get fitter and stronger...

  4. Nine to join the ranks as Queensland’s newest Chartered Accountants

    Nine accountants from across Queensland have become part of a worldwide network of trusted business and finance leaders...

  5. NZ movers and shakers - December 2018

    We are proud of our members, their hard work and achievements and what better way to show our pride than through acknowledging their accomplishments...

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  6. Four Australian CAs awarded Queens Birthday honours

    Australian Chartered Accountants Peter Kempen, Anthony Bell, Leo Tutt and William Renshaw make Queen’s Birthday Honours List...

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  7. New South Island Regional Manager appointed

    South Island welcomes Scott Wagenvoord as its new Regional Manager...

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    Big Four remain a force in China

    China has built an impressive new accounting industry to support its burgeoning commercial power – but the Big Four firms are not beaten yet...

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    Trust begins with telling the truth

    With trust in politicians and institutions plummeting, how can finance professionals retain the public’s confidence? EY Fellow for Trust & Ethics Clare Payne says the first step is ditching weasel...

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    How self-interest could be the key to workplace diversity

    What does diversity mean in the workplace? And how can we best achieve it? Diversity champions Ken Woo FCA and Catherine Fox trade views on the best way to get business leaders backing the cause...

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