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  1. Audit quality

    Ways to improve audit quality While auditing standards are the foundation of audit quality, other key areas where we can make a difference were identified by the International Auditing and Assurance...

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  2. Watch: Reporting and Assurance in 90 Seconds – January 2019

    Get an update on Reporting and Assurance in just 90 seconds...

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  3. Auditors of public interest entities - new training assessment required from 1 July 2019

    The CA ANZ Board has approved changes to the continuing professional development requirements for auditors of public interest entities. The changes mirror those already in place for licensed auditors...

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  4. ASIC Audit Inspection Report

    CA ANZ Welcomes ASIC’s Latest Audit Inspection Report: Steady Improvement but Still More Work Ahead...

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  5. Code Essentials for Professional Accountants

    Channa Wijesinghe, FCA, CEO, APESB Jacinta Hanrahan, CA, Senior Technical Manager, APESB...

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  6. UK statutory audit services market study

    We recognised the importance of the issues raised but urged the CMA to assess impacts of its proposals on audit quality in the UK and internationally...

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  7. Brydon Review: Call for Views

    Our international perspective on the UK Government independent review into the quality and effectiveness of audit, which may have cross-border impacts...

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  8. Joint submission on the IAASB’s Quality Management suite

    Chartered Accountants ANZ and ACCA have lodged joint submissions to the IAASB on their suite of exposures drafts proposing revisions to quality management for audit firms...

  9. ASIC Audit Inspection Program

    CA ANZ recommends ASIC comprehensively benchmark its audit inspection program against international best practice on regulatory inspections and enforcement...

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  10. Treasury Consultation – ASIC Industry Funding Model

    Chartered Accountants ANZ supports the draft regulations to reduce ASIC’s fee to resign as the auditor of a public company to $40...

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