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  1. acuity

    What three years on a boat taught Michael Gale CA about isolation

    Michael Gale CA spent 3½ years circumnavigating the globe. He learned some useful lessons for the COVID-19 lockdown...

  2. More Useful Resources

    A collection of extra information and useful links that further unpacks the range of challenges that you may be facing during this time...

  3. Young CA Wellness Series

    During COVID-19 as a CA, your knowledge, skills and time have probably never been more in demand. Make the time to learn practical tools and strategies to help to ensure your wellbeing. To assist...

  4. NZ COVID response resources

    A range of resources and information to help members and their clients navigate Covid...

  5. New wellbeing tool to help small NZ businesses

    Xero’s The Check In is a simple five-step series to help small businesses and their clients thrive...

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