Date posted: 13/06/2018 3 min read

Reporting and Assurance Essential Guides are out

Need help coping with the new reporting and assurance developments this reporting season?

In brief

  • We have released our June 2018 editions of Reporting Essentials and Assurance Essentials, for both Australia and New Zealand.
  • These publications highlight the latest key accounting, audit and regulatory developments and their impact on financial reports and assurance engagements.

Well, fear not because help is at hand! We have just released our June 2018 editions of the following essential guides:  

  • Australian Reporting Essentials
  • New Zealand Reporting Essentials
  • Australian Assurance Essentials
  • New Zealand Assurance Essentials  

They highlight the key accounting, audit and associated regulatory developments, as well as the impact they have on financial reports and the audit thereof. Financial statement preparers, assurance practitioners and those charged with governance should find them a valuable resource.  

All publications discuss the newly effective standards and amendments as well as standards and amendments issued but not yet effective. There is a particular focus on the ‘big three’ new accounting standards, being financial instruments, revenue and leases. Other areas covered include the new auditor rotation requirements and key focus areas for audit inspection bodies.  

The essential guides are available to download from the Resource Centre in the library.

Resource Centre

Select ‘Australia’ or ‘New Zealand’, then ‘Auditing’ or ‘Financial Reporting’

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