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Will CA ANZ staff make it to a million?

Our Everybody Counts programme has contributed over $800 000 back into the community, while boosting employee engagement and talent retention.

In brief

  • Research shows that strong CSR programmes attract talent, especially younger staff.
  • CA ANZ supports a range of non-profits through our CSR initiative, Everybody Counts.
  • You can help us reach our 2018 goal to contribute a total of $1 million since the programme began.

The benefits of giving back

Organisations with strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes enjoy a boost in employee engagement and motivation, according to Margaret Smith, Principal of - firm Figtree Consulting. “[This] obviously impacts their optimal performance and their loyalty to the organisation and their ability to connect with the people that they work with,” Smith says.

CSR programmes have been shown to give staff “significantly greater pride in their company, and they also have a great level of motivation to perform at work,” Smith notes.1 Forbes reported that in a survey by the nonprofit Net Impact, more than half of workers say that a job where they can make an impact is important to their happiness.2

So it’s no wonder research also shows CSR programmes help attract and retain talent. This is especially important if you’re looking to recruit younger staff, says Smith. More than half of Millennials in the US were swayed by a company’s CSR efforts when considering a job offer, according to the 2014 Millennial Impact Report.3

Everybody Counts

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s CSR initiative, Everybody Counts, offers a range of opportunities to give back to the community through payroll donations and matching donations by employers, volunteering, workplace fundraising and in-kind support.

In Australia, the programme contributes to Dementia Australia, the National Breast Cancer Foundation,, the RSPCA and the Smith Family. In New Zealand, it supports Autism New Zealand, the Cancer Society, the SPCA and Youthline.

Corporate responsibility is one of those fabulous opportunities for people to bring all of themselves to work, and to do something that they really value as part of their everyday jobs.
Jeanne-Vida Douglas General Manager - Content, Chartered Accountants ANZ

Staff can also choose their own charity partner. “As an example, one of the organisations that adopted the programme a couple years ago has a really strong relationship with a local charity that they did a lot of pro bono accounting work for, so they included that charity in their programme as well,” says Smith, who has provided CSR advice to CA ANZ for well over a decade.

Jeanne-Vida Douglas, CA ANZ’s General Manager Content, appreciates the flexibility of the programme. “You've also got an opportunity as a CA ANZ employee to pick your own organisation and go and volunteer for your local running club or your local cricket team if that is something that really is meaningful to you.”  says Douglas.

"Corporate social responsibility is one of those fabulous opportunities for people to bring all of themselves to work and to do something that they really value as part of their everyday jobs.”

Chartered Accountants ANZs President Jane Stanton and General Manager of Content Jeanne-Vida Douglas

Let's make a million!

Everybody Counts has been operating since 2006, and by the end of June the programme is projected to have contributed a total of $880,000 to non profits. However, it’s possible a more significant financial milestone could be achieved.

“By the end of 2018 we could actually make it to a million,” says Douglas. “And I’d love to encourage everybody to get more involved, maybe do some donations through your payroll or just go out and volunteer, and help us get to that magical million mark because that would be a wonderful achievement.”

One of the ways members can support Everybody Counts is by attending a fundraising event like the annual National Breast Cancer Foundation High Tea, which last year raised $22,000.

Originally a NSW event, in the words of CA ANZ President Jane Stanton FCA it has become an “incredibly successful function that has been transported, certainly around to other locations in Australia . . . It’s a great opportunity for staff and members to get together and do something really meaningful.”

“[As CAs] we're encouraged to use our skills and knowledge in a volunteer capacity and I know so many of our members do that and find it so rewarding. So the really good thing about [Everybody Counts] is it aligns the values of the organization with the professional values of the members,” says Stanton.

Everybody Counts

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