Date posted: 21/04/2020 2 min read

What Level 3 means for NZ members

“Everyone should continue to work from home unless they cannot do so.”

In Brief

  • Continue to work from home unless that is not possible
  • Make your business COVID-19 safe – plan ahead
  • You cannot physically interact with clients

The two key NZ Government messages for businesses shifting from a Level 4 to Level 3 lockdown on Tuesday 28 April are to continue to work from home unless that is not possible and to make your business COVID-19 safe.

Accounting practices can open their offices for workers who cannot work from home. You cannot take in-person appointments with clients. You can re-enter your premises to receive goods if necessary.

For those who cannot work from home, and must work in the office, everyone must comply with health and safety requirements and physical distancing.

Any meetings with clients must be done remotely.

Peter Vial FCA, New Zealand Country Head for Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand said "the move to Level 3 is not an invitation for businesses to open their doors for their staff."

"Everyone should work from home unless there is a very good reason not to. An example of that could be not having access to reliable internet to work from home."

"COVID-19 remains a critical risk for all businesses. We do not want to squander the progress we have made in our fight against the virus."

Plan now

WorkSafe says it is vital businesses plan now for resuming operations and maintaining good health and safety practices, including preventing COVID-19 transmission.

Before reopening they should self-assess their ability to operate safely. This includes thinking about how they're going to manage risks and protect workers and customers. Businesses need to document their thinking in a COVID-19 safety plan and share that plan with their workers.

Permitted workplace activities

High-level details on what workplace activities are permitted at different alert levels including Level 3.

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WorkSafe information

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