Date posted: 28/11/2023

WA Coffee Connect

Coffee Connect

The pilot of a monthly informal catch-up and coffee with members, our series of Coffee Connect sessions, is drawing to an end, with our latest Coffee Connect in Perth being held at the Mary Street Bakery at Allendale Square last week. The weather turned out very nicely to play host to an outdoor catch-up and we were lucky enough to have our Australian Vice President of CAANZ, Tinashe Kamangira FCA, and one of our two life members, Derek Parkin FCA, in attendance.

Word of this event is spreading, with WA Council member Blessings Mazura hosting a catchup with Kununurra members on Friday last week also. It was a small turnout, but has great potential to bring our more remote members together, with word that there is potential for members in Broome to come together in the same way.

Kununurra coffee connect

Kununurra Coffee Connect

Our next metro catchup, and the last one for the year, will be held at Typika in Claremont – please come along if you find yourself in the area on the 13th December.

This initiative has been put together with the contribution of the Young CAs Panel and the CA Advisory Group, and in December we will be discussing the success and future viability of the event, looking to see if we can plan regular catchups into 2024.

Sign up for our last Coffee Connect of the year.

WA coffee connect

WA coffee connect

WA coffee connect

WA coffee connect