Date posted: 14/03/2022 4 min read

What's new in IT?

Technology can underpin the business recovery, we just need to be optimistic and learn to harness the power of our ingenuity.

In brief

  • In this first 2022 edition of IT News, we explore how technology is emerging as key to both economic and business recovery.
  • We explore AI now and in an uncertain future

Update from Ernest Stabek FCA

In this first 2022 edition of IT News, we explore how technology is emerging as key to both economic and business recovery. We continue to surprise ourselves as we adapt to COVID and what lies ahead. However, some wonder whether we have hit the wall after two years of COVID and lethargy has kicked in. Other more positive thinking is that we are on the cusp of greatness. Flexible working and a surge in tech-led productivity could frame a more sustainable future for business post-COVID.

We now know technology can help solve some of our more significant problems and it’s clear we need to maintain an open mind for very uncertain times. 

Technology adoption can occur quickly if we have the will and the need, as has been proven during the pandemic with the rapid adoption of digital online communications. 

We are clearly at the beginning of something significant with technologies such as the metaverse and quantum computing. The recent $100 million investment by the Australian government in quantum research is clearly only the start. 

Chartered Accountants are well positioned to prepare now, find opportunities and create lasting value for our clients and our world by balancing social and business goals as a beginning.  

Our role is to ensure business gets the CIO-CFO relationship right to help unlock hidden value. All finance professionals have a clear role to play in helping build the business case for value-based transformation. 

Embracing digitisation to enable changes to data business models and create rapid processes can open the way to rapid experimentation and the adoption of available and emerging technologies. Be part of this exciting journey and open communications with your clients, the technologists in your midst and keep being open to lifelong learning for economic, business and impact-driven social good. 

As always, in this quarter’s IT News we share what’s exciting in the news, including predictive analytics as the next frontier, how data is driving the world recovery and key tech trends globally that will affect the future of business.  

We aim to encourage you to become more strategic, future-focused and open to the sense of urgency in technology enabled, business-driven and human-led changes. This is an economic uplifting edition of curated IT thought leadership insights, articles and events to allow you to keep up to date with what’s happening in the fast-moving digital or meta world and to encourage us all to keep looking for technology enabled productivity improvements to solve the business and social problems of today and tomorrow. 

We explore AI now and in an uncertain future, and why we should care about the impact of the metaverse on business and the economy.

In the headlines, we look at APPs to help control financial performance and explore the impact of technology on climate change challenges. 

In technical updates, we look at one brave new search engine seeking to change the digital world, what technology elements go into making the metaverse and learn about new guidelines for the emerging technology of quantum computing.

In the news looks at what is trending in Australia and overseas, predictive analytics and data integration as a driving force for change.

It’s our individual responsibility as Chartered Accountants to help seek out value beyond the hype of the leading technology; and to capture the improvements that will drive our economic and business prosperity. 

In our work with people and organisations, we care about creating trust in order to develop the courage for change. The courage to shift to more rapid and customer-focused responses. 

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