Date posted: 17/03/2020 4 min read

View from the IT Chair

Update from Ernest Stabek FCA

In brief

  • AICD and AISA release new data and privacy tool to help directors share their Cyber responsibilities
  • The Australian Government has released a new collaborative National Blockchain Roadmap
  • Telcom and Fintech trends explored, including what is keeping bankers up at night

What’s happening in information technology in 2020

Here is a jam-packed edition of IT News to kick off 2020 and I urge you not to miss it. 

With a new decade comes new tools and guides.  

  • Cyber security remains in focus and with IoT device volumes expected to ramp up this decade, AICD and AISA have released data and privacy tools to help boards manage risk.
  • The Australian Government has also released a National Blockchain Roadmap.

Both are must-reads as we head into a new decade of technology innovations.

Also in this quarter’s CA ANZ IT News, we explore not only the main trends in cyber security – including the scary notion of ‘brain jacking’ – and the latest data analytics, telecom and fintech trends, but also what is keeping bankers up at night. We also look at five initiatives in AI and ethics and what they mean for managers and CIOs. Finally, we explore collaborations between accountants and data scientists and what we can do to prepare for the future.

Cyber security remains in focus and with IoT device volumes expected to ramp up this decade.

For more insights into information technology keep reading, engage with available discussions and remain curious about how best to leverage technology and the productivity improvements on offer.

Wishing you much inspiration throughout 2020 let’s engage with enabling technology and continue learning.