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View from the Chair - June 2019

Update from Ernest Stabek FCA

In brief

  • The top 10 skills you will need to thrive in 2020
  • Discover which will be the top five industry sectors in 2020
  • Find out the most in-demand jobs in 2020

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that a Committee for the Economic Development of Australia report predicts that more than 5 million jobs will be automated over the next 15 years. But is this a likely outcome?

Technology hype around cut-through technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of things (IoT), machine learning, and robotics are all driving new business models and challenging the business norm.

This innovation revolution is clearly more technological than industrial. The emerging technologies are supporting notions such as smart cities, autonomous everything, intelligent transport, renewable energy and are driving advancements in nanotechnology, quantum computing, and bio technology to name a few.

What does this all mean? These new fields are creating new markets and requiring new skills. As smart devices, robots or autonomous vehicles take over more tasks, history tells us that the skills to thrive and remain productive with a purpose will change or pivot.

How fast? Who knows. But here are some skills to consider to remain relevant in the information age:

  • problem solving for complex issues
  • critical thinking
  • creativity
  • people management
  • coordinating with others
  • emotional intelligence
  • judgment and decision making
  • services orientation
  • negotiation
  • cognitive flexibility, or what I prefer to call adaptable persistence.

Equally, an understanding of the language-enabling technology can assist.

For a quick overview of SFIA Skills Framework for the Information Age, watch the following video.

Framework for the Information Age

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Is shifting our mindsets to iterative lifelong technology learning and the software mindset, the key to adapting to the changing environment? Time will tell.

Want to know what will be the top five industry sectors in 2020? What will be the most in demand jobs in 2020?

Skills of the Future 2020 Infographic

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Or more importantly, how will technology innovation will have changed our lives and society by 2040?

Guthrie Jensen technological innovation article

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Forget about artificial intelligence, extended intelligence is the future.

Instead of thinking about machine intelligence in terms of humans versus machines, we should consider the system that integrates humans and machines – not artificial intelligence but extended intelligence. Instead of trying to control or design or even understand systems, it is more important to design systems that participate as responsible, aware and robust elements of even more complex systems.

Extended intelligence for an extended future!

Wired article on extended intelligence

Engage with technology, learn fast and be part of the future!

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