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Victoria Regional Update June 2018

Updates on the recent and upcoming activities in Victoria

In brief

  • Victorian Discussion Groups
  • Future of Busines
  • Upcoming events

Victorian Discussion Groups

As I’ve noted previously, the Victorian Discussion Group network provides a way for members with common interests to stay connected and share their views with colleagues from the same technical or geographic areas of interest.

In some cases these discussion groups were established in the 1960’s and are still going strong today!

For any members interested in finding out more, please contact Elaine Coghlan in the Melbourne office on (03) 9641 7400 or by email.

Future of Business

This month, Chartered Accountants ANZ has released the latest report in the future[inc] series – the Future of Business, confirming that today’s rapidly evolving commercial environment calls for businesses to be increasing agile.

Rick Ellis, CEO of CA ANZ, notes that, “Agility is a word that is bandied about a lot these days”. Nonetheless, the report, based on 1,500 responses from business leaders on both sides of the Tasman, found 55% of businesses that report being above-average in terms of agility were also experiencing above-average revenue growth.

It makes agility a new metric to work towards.

Business agility is often conflated with business size. There is a prevailing perception that large businesses are too weighed down by bureaucratic systems to respond to change, while small businesses are free from such processes, making them agile and innovative.

In reality, agility is far more complex than this dichotomy, and the Future of Business highlights that agility is a characteristic that business leaders cannot afford to overlook.

To allow businesses to think in a more tangible way about how agility affects their performance, the Future of Business breaks the concept of agility down into five separate elements: flexibility, speed, leanness, learning and responsiveness.

More information about the Future of Business can be found here.

Upcoming Events

  • Sharing Knowledge – Superannuation Update – Tuesday 26 June 2018
  • Winter Tax and Super School – Thursday 12 & Friday 13 July 2018      
  • Sharing Knowledge - NZ Tax Update – Thursday 19 July 2018
  • Membership Anniversary Event – Thursday 26 July 2018
  • Practice Forum – Friday 3 August 2018

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issues you would like to raise, and I look forward to seeing you at a Chartered Accountants ANZ function or event in the very near future.

Duncan Pittard
Regional Manager – Victoria & Tasmania

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