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Victoria IT & T Discussion Group 2018 summary

The Victorian CA ANZ Information Technology & Telecommunications (IT&T) Discussion Group meets regularly each alternate month.

In brief

  • Upcoming dates for the IT&T 2019 discussion group
  • HiveHub Powerpoint presentation
In October 2018, a large group of members attended a thought-provoking discussion on understanding software. believes if we improve software literacy, we can improve decision making.

Powerpoint presentation

Hive - Understanding Software

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As we enter a new era in business where digital literacy is critical for all employees. 

How we catalogue and visualise software landscapes will be critical to empower employees to innovate and compete globally.  

Create a high-level up-to-date index of software asset information (software indexing)

Create a universal visual language that allows anyone to understand software (software mapping)

Dates for a series of CAANZ IT&T 2019 discussions:

  • 21 February - Roundtable discussion: Software development lifecycle - capex or opex for product development?
  • 21 March - Special event: Chat bots - what are they and how can we leverage them for success?
  • 18 April - Artificial Intelligence - ethics and other matters to consider
  • 20 June - XBRL update
  • 22 August - ICT skills for accountants - mandatory?
  • 17 October - Internet of things
  • 21 November - Networking breakfast

A final quote for 2018:

"Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind."
Philip Green

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