Date posted: 30/05/2019

UK events

Upcoming member events in the United Kingdom.

In Brief

  • Upcoming UK events

NZ Tax Roadshow Recap – On Demand

This recording is a summary of the content presented during the recent New Zealand Tax Roadshow. The session covers: What's on the horizon, Employment, Doing Business in NZ, Tax Avoidance - Land, Individuals, International, TWG and Charities.

An Accountant’s Guide to Cybercrime, GDPR & Web Exploration in 2019: 19 October 2019

Will focus on helping organisations navigate the potential cyber security vulnerabilities and threats that face their business in the hyper-connected world we operate in today. It will also focus on open source intelligence for anyone who wishes to use the Internet more effectively and safely allowing them the freedom of conducting searches (due diligence, asset tracing) but without the risk of exposure. It will identify productive search techniques exploring both surface and deep web data and will focus on advanced techniques and new and emerging search engines. In addition, it will demonstrate how to review the effectiveness of data security safeguards and focus on the GDPR and the significant changes that organisations need to adopt.

2019 Presidential Drinks at the Penthouse: 15 November 2019

A night of celebration and networking at the New Zealand House Penthouse, a venue boasting some of the best views on offer in London.

Guests will have the opportunity to meet Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand President, Stephen Walker FCA, as well as CA ANZ Head of Members, Simon Grant FCA, UK Chair, Daniel Leckey FCA and Councillor, Andrew Robinson FCA. We hope you will join us as we honour newly qualified and long serving members at this annual ceremony.

Australian Update: 11 December 2019

This will be an opportunity to hear from our Tax Leader Michael Croker CA post the Federal Election. Michael will provide an update on CA ANZ’s approach to tax advocacy, the tax policy issues he is dealing with at Government and Treasury level, as well as the current consultation agenda with the ATO. This event will also give you an opportunity to provide feedback to Michael on tax topics of particular concern to you.

Michael will discuss a number of critically important topics such as:

  • Australian economic landscape
  • The latest initiatives from the Morrison government (re-elected May 2019)
  • Labor’s re-set tax policy agenda (following defeat at May 2019 election)
  • ATO investigation strategy for large companies (multinationals, public and private) and high wealth individuals
  • Tax issues for CAs living abroad
  • ATO modernisation plans and how they impact the future of tax advisory services
  • Other key domestic and international tax developments

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