Date posted: 30/10/2020

The privilege of membership

Auckland Local Committee chair Larissa Logan takes pride in her CA badge and the opportunity to be the voice of membership

In brief

  • Members have welcomed the virtual events and learning opportunities offered by CA ANZ
  • The CA badge is an instant stamp of quality and credibility
  • The true picture of the economy post COVID-19 is yet to be seen

Membership of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand is an privilege that provides access to a lot of benefits and services, believes Larissa Logan, the chair of the CA ANZ Local Committee (LC) of Auckland.

Logan has been the chair of the LC for the past two years. It’s a role she enjoys immensely because it gives her a chance to interact with a cross-section of members as well as represent them and their feedback to the organisation.

LCs are key conduits between CA ANZ and its members, advising the organisation on the local needs and preferences of members in the area, allowing CA ANZ to improve service delivery by tailoring services and products to member needs.

Access to high-quality events organised by CA ANZ, the opportunities to network and learn from members and subject matter experts as well as technical knowledge sessions are valued highly by members, she says. 

The quick switch to the virtual format in response to the COVID-19 lockdowns, as well as the multiple complimentary learning opportunities, were greatly appreciated by the membership, Logan says.

Being a CA instantly awards you with a high degree of credibility, and provides a certainty to employers, clients and customers about the quality of service they can expect.

“There has been a lot of uncertainty since March this year,” she says. “A lot of people were not as productive as they would have liked. The learning opportunities provided virtually by CA ANZ, especially those that were complimentary, gave many such members something to focus on, and a chance to upskill. It was so heart-warming to see the number of those who benefited.” 

She credits her own career growth to the CA badge, which she earned almost a decade ago. “Being a CA instantly awards you with a high degree of credibility, and provides a certainty to employers, clients and customers about the quality of service they can expect,” Logan says. “It also opens up many doors which wouldn’t otherwise be possible.”

Currently a senior manager of turnaround and restructuring strategy at EY, she believes the full economic repercussions of the pandemic will be felt over the coming years.

“What we are currently seeing in the economy is not reflective of the true position of how businesses have fared,” Logan says.

“In my view, the real impact hasn’t hit many businesses yet and we are kicking the can down the road with debt.  Significant financial stimulus has been pumped into the economy during 2020 to support businesses during a period of uncertainty in relation to COVID-19.  

“It is my expectation, that 2021 will see a significant increase in distress in the economy as financial stimulus reduces, the loan deferral period ends and unemployment rises.”

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