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The CA Library makes life easier

The library has a range of resources to help make your life easier, from hardcopy and eBooks to journals, magazines, tools and templates.

In Brief

  • CA Library offers access to more than 5000 hardcopy books, 700-plus eBooks and nearly 3000 online journals
  • The library team can help you with specialist research and point you in the direction of the right templates and tools
  • Keep up with the latest resources and reading suggestions with the monthly What’s new in the CA Library email

While writing a book has been described as being similar to having a baby, combining the two sounds like a double-dose of sleep deprivation.

It's no wonder, then, that Dina Gofman, CEO of Project Accounting Australia, found the CA Library invaluable when she did just that.

Dina needed to see what resources were available when she was writing her book, Forgetting the Money: 10 Step Framework to Harness True Project Value, during her maternity leave. Finding the required information was actually very difficult, she says, but the library team was "absolutely amazing and really supportive".

Gofman says, the team really helped find very specific literature in her chosen field as they specialise in understanding the kind of information you're after.

Free with your CA ANZ membership

Access to the library's services comes as part of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand membership package, the only cost being return postage for any books borrowed. Members can choose from more than 5000 hardcopy books, 700-plus eBooks and nearly 3000 online journals and magazines on core subjects, including accounting, business and tax information, but also soft skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership and creative thinking. Anything else can usually be found via the inter-library loan scheme in Australia and New Zealand, of which the CA Library is a member.

Hardcopy or digital?

Amanda Watt, partner at Shortland Chartered Accountants, is a fan of the hardcopy book-lending service, using it a couple of times a month on average and buying a copy of books she particularly enjoys to add to her personal library. "I just encourage people to use it … it's such a good way of getting a broader knowledge," she says. Amanda notes that "more recently I've been getting things out and getting my staff to read the books," using the library's list of previously borrowed items as a reference. Her reading history is populated with time management, productivity, investing and general business books rather than accounting-specific items.

Amanda also likes the 'on hold' function which enables the user to compile a wishlist of reading material but to put some on hold for later. "It's good, you know, to read lots of books, and find out which ones you want to keep".

Get updated with the monthly newsletter

Christopher Chan, head of commercial finance at Global Touring, was introduced to CA Library through the monthly newsletter, What's new in the CA Library. He says, "I find it quite valuable to have curated resources available online."

"It's a good reminder in my mailbox to focus on personal development – and here are some resources to check out,"
Christopher Chan, Head of Commercial Finance, Global Touring,

Chan frequently downloads books when they are available rather than borrowing the hard copy – digital resources are the fastest-growing of the library's services in percentage terms, with eBook use up about 10% over the past 12 months as the collection expands. Like Watt, Chan will also purchase a copy of any books that prove worthwhile. He also regularly uses the login to the online journals database for articles, archived newspapers and business/academic journals, helping contribute to an increase of about 12% in the database's usage over the same timeframe.

Templates and guides make life easier

CA Library also offer a range of tools, templates and guidance. As an example of what is available, Gofman recently used the PI Calculator, which helps Australian CPP holders identify the minimum PI insurance requirements for their firm, and she consulted the Business Insights: Project Accounting guide while researching her book.

Library and Information Service

The CA Library offers an extensive range of resources – and it’s all part of your membership.

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