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Tasmania regional update June 2019

Find out what’s been happening in Tasmania.

In brief

  • Regional Manager update
  • Regional Chair update

Regional Manager update

I’m pleased to advise that following our recent meeting with the Treasurer and the state election, CA ANZ’s SWOT analysis of Tasmania has been updated.

Key elements of the analysis which were also identified in our Tasmanian Government Advocacy work include the strength of small businesses, the weakness of regulatory burden for business, the opportunities to review the state tax revenue base, education training and skilled migration & investment in infrastructure and the threat of a forecast decline in state tax revenue.

You can download a copy of the SWOT analysis below

Following Lyndal’s note about the end of financial year and the upcoming tax season, we know this can be a busy and stressful time for many members. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand have some fantastic resources available to members such as the CA Advisory Group and CA Wellbeing including the Mental Health First Aid Guide for Chartered Accountants created by Mental Health First Aid Australia. Links to both of these resources are available below and I encourage you to seek support and assistance where required.

SWOT analysis of Tasmania

View here

Upcoming events

Some more exciting news is that on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 August CA ANZ will be holding a Member Roadshow in the South, North and North West of the state featuring CA ANZ Group Executive of Member Engagement, Mark Rice who will provide a Member Engagement update including more about improvements that have been made to member services including the myCA portal and CA ANZ’s Australian Tax Leader, Michael Croker who will provide a Post-Election Tax update. These sessions will then be followed by a Member Town Hall discussion where members will have the opportunity to share any feedback and ask questions. Please keep an eye out for the event invitation in your inbox or search our Education Store for more information on this and other upcoming events.

As always, please feel free to share any feedback with me and I look forward to seeing you during the year.

Andrew Quinlan CA
Regional Manager – Tasmania & Victoria

Education Store

Please keep an eye out for the event invitation in your inbox or search our Education Store for more information and other upcoming events.

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Regional Chair update 

With the winter having solstice just passed, we’re in the time of year when days are at their shortest, but ironically, for many of us this can also be the time of year when our workdays are at their longest as we get everything in order for the end of financial year and truly enter tax season.

It can be a testing time, but also a great time of learning for many of your younger colleagues. Make sure you keep spirits up within your workplaces because from here on in the days get longer and with the rate the year seems to be travelling, we will hit summer before you know it!   

At the last Tasmanian Regional Council meeting we had the pleasure of receiving an update from CA ANZ Chief Marketing Officer David Breust on the organisation’s marketing activities. 

David was very open to feedback and the discussion provided us with the opportunity to raise a number of topics relevant to Tasmanian members such as activating local engagement with the organisation and ways to encourage more secondary students to enter tertiary studies which will prepare them to become CAs in the future.

David mentioned the Member Insights Panel as one of the tools CA ANZ uses at a national level to understand how to better meet member needs. Any CA can become a panellist and have an opportunity to give feedback to CA ANZ to help them tailor their offerings to us, the members. Panels such as this can only be effective if they represent a broad cross-section of the membership and for this reason, I encourage all Tasmanian CAs to sign up so the voices of our state are heard.

Have your say

To join the CA ANZ Member Insights Panel and have your say.

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I would also like to take this opportunity to make a call for Fellowship nominations as well as for nominations for the CA ANZ Young Regional Advocate award.

Fellowship is for established CAs who deserve recognition for making an outstanding professional contribution to CA ANZ, the community, to business or through teaching and research. I was humbled to be nominated by my peers to become a Fellow and I know there are many others in Tasmania who deserve this recognition – please take the time to consider nominating someone you know has excelled as I can assure you it will mean a lot to them.

On the other hand, the Young Regional Advocate award is given to emerging CAs who demonstrate a passion for the profession and have strongly contributed to the community through participation in not-for-profit governance or volunteering their professional skills. This is great opportunity to recognise an up-and-coming CA’s efforts so far and encourage them to go on to even better things.

If there are any CAs in your circles who fit the above criteria, please enquire about submitting a nomination by contacting the Council.

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Happy EOFY,

Lyndal Kimpton FCA