Date posted: 7/12/2020 3 min read

Taryn Rulton FCA and Baubre Murray FCA appointed to IFAC bodies

Taryn Rulton FCA has joined the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) Board as Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s nominated member while Baubre Murray FCA has been appointed to IFAC’s Small and Medium Practices Committee.

In Brief

  • Taryn Rulton FCA appointed to IFAC Board as CA ANZ’s nominated member
  • Baubre Murray FCA appointed to IFAC’s Small and Medium Practices Committee
  • CA ANZ alternates IFAC board representation with CPAA

Taryn, La Trobe University’s Chief Commercial Officer, is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s (CA ANZ’s) Professional Conduct Oversight Committee and is a former Chair of the Victorian Regional Council.

Taryn Rulton

Taryn Rulton FCA

CA ANZ alternates IFAC board representation with Certified Practising Accountants Australia (CPAA).

IFAC is the global organisation for the accountancy profession with more than 175 member and associate organisations in 130 countries and jurisdictions, representing nearly 3 million professional accountants.

Baubre Murray FCA has also become a member of IFAC’s Small and Medium Practices Committee which provides strategic input on IFAC’s activities regarding supporting standard setting, building a future-ready profession and promoting the visibility and recognition of SMPs and representing and advocating on behalf of SMPs and SMEs worldwide.

Baubre is a former member of the New Zealand Regional Council and Chair of the Women Accountants Special lnterest Group.

Taryn said one of her objectives was to support the accounting profession in developing to meet future demands.

"Accountants make a difference when we speak independently using high-quality information that we communicate well. Our global frameworks help secure that information base and integrating non-financial information demonstrates a much longer-term perspective of value.

IFAC’s global approach to education, capability development and thought leadership enables us to skill our profession to operate at the forefront of business and attract the best talent.

She said she would use her practical experience as an accountant in business to inform and support strategy and direction. “My career highlights have come from explaining performance to leaders and front-line workers in the public and not for profit sectors who are experts in areas other than finance. Doing this has resulted in outcomes that make a difference and we have an opportunity to use our skills to drive real change for the future.”

IFAC calls for creation of a new sustainability standards board

The board would address a growing demand from investors, policy makers and regulators for a reporting system that delivers consistent, comparable, reliable, and “assurable” information.

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