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Taking on new challenges is a win win

Hamish Tomlinson CA is an advocate for the power of participation

In Brief

  • Advocates joining a Local Committee to strengthen professional communication
  • The power of collaborating with colleagues on new challenges
  • Becoming a CA boosted self-confidence and encourages development

Hamish Tomlinson CA chairs the Nelson Marlborough Local Committee and has been a committee member for the last seven years. Running the LC is a group effort, with the 2020 members being Karen Draper in Blenheim, along with Nelson CA's Mike Drummond, Rebecca Mason, John Van Der Burg and Deliese Mackay AT.

A quiet achiever, Hamish is also someone who enjoys taking on new adventures and challenges. When his previous firm needed to swap accounting systems, Hamish put his hand up, despite having no experience.

“I had to work out how to do it from scratch,” he says. “But I accomplished quite a lot, taught myself how to do it, and then taught someone else.”

The success was satisfying, but he says the real value was learning the power of collaboration.

“It’s great having others lift their game as well and give you a hand,” he says. “They pick up on things you’d never considered.”
Hamish Tomlinson CA

“If I’m good enough to be a CA, I must be pretty decent at what I do.” 
Hamish Tomlinson CA

His willingness to take on new challenges led him to join the Local Committee after a colleague suggested it’d be worth considering.

“[Being on the committee] is one of the best ways to learn new things,” he says. “It forces to you get out and about, talk to other members, and learn about what’s going on in their area.”

For Hamish, the Local Committee’s most important role is to ensure good communication between the Institute and its members.

“It’s about getting a feel for what other members have to say, and sending the feedback straight back to the organisation,” he says. “We also make sure to tell the members what CAANZ is doing, because if they’re doing great things but nobody hears about them, it’s no good!”

Away from work, Hamish volunteers his time with sport - and has even picked up a new one himself. After a team building ‘corporate challenge’ he joined the Nelson Rowing Club as a club rower, and in a fit of madness entered the South Island Rowing Championships as a novice rower.

“I just started and went to the championships as a 37-year-old novice, racing against 16-year-olds,” he says. “It was great, we pulled together a novice quad and did pretty well.”

“We made it to the final eight but got absolutely slaughtered by the guys from Avon [in the final],” he says with a laugh. “But we got to the finals and got beaten by a team who were the national champions anyway.”

Some of that adventurous spirit draws from the experience of becoming a Chartered Accountant, too.

“It makes you think: ‘If I’m good enough to be a CA, I must be pretty decent at what I do’,” says Hamish. “It’s really good for self-confidence.”

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