Date posted: 27/10/2020 4 min read

Take the Capability+ Challenge

Create a personalised game plan to support and develop your professional capabilities.

in Brief

  • Chartered Accountants ANZ has just released a capability self-assessment tool for members
  • Members can share their outcomes on social media and encourage others to use the tool
  • Capability+ provides a tailored personal development plan for members

More than 6000 members registered to attend a robust discussion of the evolution of work featuring futurist and technologist Steve Sammartino.

The Chartered Accountants ANZ virtual conference addressed the significant changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the permanent changes is had brought. Sammartino’s key take-away was the need to embrace new habits and improve planning. Businesses were urged to consider both changes of direction and accelerants in this rapidly changing global environment.

As part of the conference, Chartered Accountants ANZ launched its newest tool for members, CA Capability+. CA ANZ President Peter Rupp FCA and Vice-President Nives Botica-Redmayne FCA offered members the opportunity to take up the challenge and self-assess their capabilities using the new tool.

The Capability+ Challenge allows members to hold themselves accountable by posting their outcomes on social media, and with the high expectations of members, what better way to recommend a new resource than hearing from fellow Chartered Accountants?

The Capability+ Challenge

It’s easy to take part. Simply self-assess your capabilities using the new tool and then record a short ‘selfie’ style video outlining your confirmed strengths, and your opportunities to grow and further develop capabilities just like the President, Vice-President, and our launch members have. You can nominate one or more CA ANZ members to take the challenge.

Suggested base video script (can be changed to suit your own style):

I’m [name], [job title/ company]. I was nominated [by Name] to assess my capabilities using CA Capability+. I am happy to report I have confirmed my strengths in [Capability 1] and now I have a game plan for success to grow in the [Capability 2] area. I’m really looking forward to growing my skills as a Difference Maker.

I challenge [Name 1, Name 2 optional, and Name 3 optional] to take the Capability+ Challenge, share your outcomes, and challenge another member.

Suggested sharing social media post copy to accompany your video (can be changed to suit your style):

Building your capabilities as a Chartered Accountant is a valuable way to set yourself apart from others. The new CA Capability+ self-assessment tool is an ideal place to start for those looking to get ahead. I used it to assess my capabilities and I’m sharing them here to be accountable for my own growth as a Difference Maker.

I challenge [Name 1, Name 2 (optional), and Name 3 (optional)] to take the @[tag]Chartered Accountants ANZ Capability+ challenge and share your game plan for success:
#CAANZ #DifferenceMakers

Chartered Accountants ANZ can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and you may post to as many platforms as you like.

If you use hashtags #CAANZ or #DifferenceMakers or @tag Chartered Accountants ANZ, we may feature your posts on CA ANZ social media posts and stories, or website for the purposes of showcasing members use of CA Capability+.

CA Capability+

Find out what capabilities you need to stay relevant now and into the future with CA Capability+. Start your assessment today and get access to your game plan for success.

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