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Supporting CA Program candidates with CA Study Masterclass

Chartered Accountants ANZ is committed to providing additional study support and opportunities for CA Program candidates with CA Study Masterclass.

In Brief

  • CA ANZ is providing CA Program candidates optional additional study support through CA Study Masterclass
  • CA Study Masterclass is delivered in a 100% live and interactive online setting. Candidates can access study aids, exam preparation sessions, access to practice exams and other specially designed materials.
  • Designed to support CA Program candidates through their course modules and exams

Chartered Accountants ANZ's CA Study Masterclass (CASM) provides additional study support to accelerate candidate progress towards the successful completion of the CA Program.

CASM is available for every module in the CA Program, designed to save candidates valuable study time through an efficient and focused approach.

Tanya Marks CA is the Commercial Finance Director at Solve Digital with extensive experience in taxation, financial reporting and commercial matters. She has been a workshop facilitator for Chartered Accountants ANZ since 2006, and believes that CASM is a strong enabler for a number of reasons.

Tanya Marks CA
Tanya Marks CA

"CA Study Masterclass, provides an opportunity to check in with candidates and a chance for them to come in and ask questions. If they've been stuck on a particular topic, they can ask us and we're more than happy to break things down, explain the concept and help them get across that barrier to their learning. It's a valuable tool to set the framework, provide a check-in, and ask further questions," says Marks.

"It's also a really good motivator to get on top of the content well before the online assessment opens. Candidates know they're coming to a forum where we're going to discuss the concepts and I think they've seen through experience, if you cover the content first, you just get more out of it."

CASM helps candidates apply their learning to the real world and better service their clients. Facilitators talk through the theory in the context of practical application and their work experiences to illustrate to candidates how the two elements work together in practice.

The virtual classrooms are delivered in a 100% live and interactive online setting. Candidates can access study aids, exam preparation sessions, access to practice exams and other specially designed materials.

"There are so many different ways to interact. The good thing is it's tailored to the candidate and they can make the experience whatever they want it to be. You can take it slow and you can sit back and listen, and then when you're ready, the floor is open to jump in and ask questions, comment, contribute. You can ask questions at any time," says Marks.

Collaboration is a significant element of CASM as it enables candidates to ask questions, work together and share opinions. Candidates have the opportunity to go through their questions step-by-step with the facilitators, which really helps them to unpack what they're learning. It is something that Marks has observed is good for building confidence among the students.

"People absorb information differently, people engage differently, and people learn differently. The breakout group scenario caters to those who are more comfortable in a smaller group environment, through this the candidates may feel more comfortable raising questions in the main room. In that collaborative environment, the benefit is the discussion," says Marks.

Course materials include study aids for each module which can supplement note-taking and save time for candidates busy with multiple commitments.

According to Marks, "The study aids we provide are almost like a map to the module. I say to candidates to have those open while they're reading the core content. I get a sense that candidates really appreciate these resources and they get a lot of use out of them."

"There's so much opportunity for you to use masterclass as you need. I think it's overall a great motivation for candidates and especially that support, it's a key strength."
Tanya Marks CA, CA Study Masterclass Facilitator.

With workshops delivered by experienced CA facilitators, CASM provides the extra help candidates may need with particular modules, and prepare for online assessments and the final exam in a way that suits their busy lives.

CA Study Masterclass

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