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South Australia and Northern Territory regional update May 2019

Update on recent and upcoming events for South Australia and Northern Territory.

In brief

  • Recent events
  • Upcoming events

Recent events

South Australia

Tuesday 16 April - Building Knowledge Series: Business Partnering and Adding Value to the Business

Interesting insights and conversation at this event discussing all things on how finance teams can be trusted business partners to and add real value to the organisations they support.

Key take away from the session:

  • understanding the industry and speaking the language is key
  • be curious
  • balancing stakeholders competing for the some bucket of funds
  • working with stakeholders as a collaborative
  • utilise technology to free up the team for performing the value add work.

Thank you to Georgina Carpendale CA (CFO & Company Secretary, Micro-X Ltd), Richard Porter (CFO, Flinders University) and Matthew Lang CA (CFO, Discovery Parks) for sharing your insights and experiences and thanks to our fabulous host Rilka Warbanoff for facilitating the conversation.  Well done to the SA Corporate Sector Advisory Panel for pulling this together.

Monday 6 May - Mentor Exchange Programme Closing Event

Mentors and Mentees participating in the 2018-19 Mentor Exchange Programme attended the closing networking event in Adelaide on Monday 6 May.

The event was an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the programme and to celebrate the achievements of participants over the past 6 months through sharing of stories and experiences.  We also acknowledged the contribution of our mentors who so generously shared their experience and expertise.

Tuesday 7 May - Building Knowledge Series: Success Planning – Keeping it in the Family

Members engaged in insightful discussion from our diverse and experienced panel of advisors Richard Perkins CA (Director, Moore Stephens), Judy Choate (Director Commercial Law, KPMG) and Lowen Partridge (Principal, Peartree Brand Strategy). Thank you for sharing your insights and expertise.

Key take away:

  • what are your objectives and what do you want to achieve?
  • financial succession versus business succession
  • never too early to start the conversation
  • useful risk management exercise.

Special thanks to our host Kristen Raison for facilitating the interactive discussion.

BKS Series - Success Planning

Tuesday 14 May - Audit and Accounting Conference

The 2019 SA Audit & Accounting Conference focussed on ensuring that members have the most up to date knowledge, in a landscape of constant change. Industry specialists shared insights on business partnering, technology and the latest in auditing and financial reporting.

Keynote speaker, Peter Williams CA (Chief Edge Officer and CEO of Deloitte Digital), opened the conference with his presentation on all things Disruptive Innovation.  Peter shared fascinating insights into the world of digital to assist the audience in starting their journey today towards tomorrow's world.

This was followed by an interesting session from Dr Eugene Dubossarsky asking the question "are you prepared for the data literacy revolution?”. The session provided the opportunity for the audience to learn the language and mindset of data science to increase their data literacy and prepare them to take their place in the data revolution. "Data serves the purpose of making better decisions".

Other programme highlights included an Accounting Standards Update from David Holland, an update on the Australian Financial Reporting Framework by Kala Kandiah CA of AASB and a presentation on how to creating value through Blockchain and cryptocurrencies by Sharren Ip a Board Member of Blockchain Australia.

The conference closed up with an invigorating session on how to have exceptional emotional intelligence with Petris Lapis followed by networking.

Thank you to everyone for joining us and we hope you feel armed and prepared with the knowledge and insights you need in a landscape of constant change.

Audit and Accounting conference

Upcoming events

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