Date posted: 01/12/2022

Simplifying and strengthening the CA ANZ brand

CA ANZ has refreshed its visual identity, including the CA ANZ logo.

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) has refreshed its brand look, including the CA ANZ logo.

This refresh simplifies and strengthens our brand and reinforces our Difference Makers brand campaign which positioned CAs as trusted advisors to business decision makers across New Zealand and Australia.

We know that our members, employers, and business decision makers value the CA designation. As part of this refreshed brand look, we have made the letters ‘CA’ more distinctive with interwoven letters to show the ‘interconnectedness’ between our members and CA ANZ, and the work they do for businesses and the community. This refresh evolves our brand and ensures it remains future-focused, modern, and relevant, now and into the future.

What’s changed 

Changes to the brand look include:

  • A simplified and strengthened logo – one kind in the red and blue colourway
  • The introduction of our Difference Makers mark and tagline
  • A bold and refreshed brand colour palette
  • A focus on accessibility through consistent use of one font family across our website.

How to update your branding

CPP holders are able to use the refreshed logo on signage, website, stationery, and any other branded collateral. This will help differentiate your practice in the market and maintain a strong connection to the advertising we continue to do to promote your services.

There is no immediate action required.  When you are ready to refresh your branding, contact us at [email protected] or click the button below, and we will work with you to ensure your practice complies with the requirements to use the logo. 

Request the logo and guidelines

Email us to get a copy of the logo and guidlelines.

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